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    15 Hysterical Photos That Prove That If You Want To Laugh Like Never Before, You Should Just Go To A Wedding!

    These weddings had some unbelievably funny moments.

    1. This wedding, where the couple left blank notecards for their guests to write a message they'll read on a future anniversary, and one guest chose this very moment to pull of a Rick Roll:

    "Never Gonna Give You Up" lyrics on a card

    2. This wedding, where the couple's toddler threw a tantrum of epic proportions as they said their vows:

    A daughter threw a tantrum during a wedding ceremony

    3. This wedding anniversary, where the groom jokingly requested a photo of Brendan Fraser in the honeymoon suite, and the hotel delivered, and even threw in some Prosecco:

    A photo of Brendan Fraser

    4. This wedding, where the guest forgot to read the inside of the card before buying it for the happy couple:

    "I always knew you'd settle."
    "I always knew you'd settle."

    5. This wedding, where the getaway car was parked in the wrong spot and the couple came out to find a boot on it:

    6. This wedding, where the wooden cake topper came out with a knot in exactly the most hilariously wrong spot:

    A cake topper

    7. This wedding, where a guest's son sat in the reception hall like this:

    A kid in a hockey mask

    8. This wedding, where someone rearranged the cow cake toppers to make a, er, more interesting pose:

    9. And this wedding, where one of the groomsmen was caught literally sniffing glue in the background:

    A man sniffing glue

    10. This wedding, where the ring bearer was so bored he laid down and took a nap:

    A boy sleeping on the floor during a wedding

    11. This wedding, where the groom forgot to get the security tag taken off his suit:

    12. This wedding, where the couple got hilariously real to let their guests know the importance of RSVPing:

    "If you do not RSVP by September 10th please bring a chair and a sandwich."

    13. This wedding, where the married couple left hysterical packs of tissue on the tables for their more emotional guests:

    "Keep your shit together"

    14. This wedding, where the groom made cake toppers for the wedding cake, but he forgot to check the oven temperature before putting his fiancée's topper in:

    A burned cake topper

    15. And lastly, this wedding, where the bride accidentally tried to mail her save the dates before writing the addresses on them:

    "Returned for better address"