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February 21, 2018

Australian woman Naomi Watson-Ley killed herself two days after she was released from a psychiatric ward in June 2015.


The president did little after previous mass shootings. But what happened last week in Florida has him promising to do more than “talk.”

"Fully endorsed" via a signature on a poster, anyway.

Students stage walkouts to protest gun laws, YouTube responds to Hogg conspiracy video outrage, rugby player fights for trans inclusion and Wendy Williams takes break after disease diagnosis.

There are now five candidates for leader.

Spoiler alert, but only kind of.

Are you more Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt or The End of the F***ing World?

¡Vivan los muslos sin dieta!

There's always a tweet/video for every situation.

The queen of Snapchat hath spoken.

"¿Creen que voy a cubrir ese precioso vestido con un abrigo y una bufanda?"

The Water Wow! marker and coloring book keeps the color on the page.

"Congrats! It's a deer."

Kendrick Lamar lying on that car.

Are you feeling it now, Mr. Krabs?

Stormzy took home the biggest award of the night.

Simple questions can have such an impact.

"Charlie was a great dog."

"There should have been one school shooting and we should have fixed it. And I'm pissed. Because my daughter — I'm not going to see her again."

Shoppers who are spending less at Macy's are instead spending more on Amazon Prime, according to research released Wednesday.

The disgraced Hollywood mogul is asking a judge to dismiss a class-action lawsuit brought against him by six women who alleged he assaulted them.

To Jesy from Little Mix: "Last month you hit 3 billion views on YouTube and only 2 billion of those were people watching you trying to do a Jamaican accent."

One of the most influential men on Broadway, Thomas Schumacher, is accused of years of inappropriate comments and behavior. Frozen opens in previews on Thursday night on Broadway.

Laura Loomer, Mike Cernovich, and Jack Posobiec have had their accounts suspended.

Warning: these photos will make you dizzy.

It's crunch time.

Quando a coisa esquenta e você sente sua mão dando cãibra.

"Just living my truth."

Dogs or cats? Chocolate or vanilla? Pine or Pratt???

First there was a technical problem. Then we didn't hear most of it.

Paola Núñez y Stephanie Sigman dijeron a Carmen Aristegui haber sufrido el acoso de directores mexicanos. La clavadista Azul Almazán también denunció su caso.

This is what dreams are made of.

"The people we so sadly lost that day will always live on forever in our hearts, in our minds, and in our memories."

Ou você é daqueles que só seca a bunda com papel?

Style, elegance, and sheer backbreaking intensity!

The Gossip Girl pilot premiered in 2007, and a lot has changed.

Oh God this is so awkward.

Imágenes llenas de sabiduría.

En BuzzFeed México hicimos un grupo secreto de Whatsapp para mandar memes y estos son los mejores (hasta ahorita...)

Wakanda thirst is this?! Chadwick Boseman, Michael B. Jordan, and Winston Duke have the internet's thirst level at an all-time high.

"Let's see what happens..."

Svenjas Vater so: "Wenn man sie anschreit, dann weint sie."

¿Llegas a la primera publicación de alguien y las cuentas privadas son lo peor que te puede pasar?

A new report found that the KKK is on the decline, as young white supremacists are flocking to the alt-right, and that black nationalist groups are on the rise.

Next time you're perusing the aisles of Target, know there is a good chance a BuzzFeeder is among you.

Tomar um perdido não é nenhuma novidade nas relações humanas, mas o "ghosting" costuma despertar fortes emoções.

Has he secretly got married?!

"Here's to more women on these stages, more women winning awards, and more women taking over the world."

Esse negócio de limpar seu organismo com suco não existe.

What's yours?

Why call when you can text??

"Abortion triathlon?" Really?

Tretas, amizades, queimações de filme, tudo revelado!

Será que eles pensam "lindíssima, falou tudo" ou acham que você é uma espécie de entulho social?

I'm not out of shape, YOU'RE out of shape.


I'd love to carry my own head around TBH.

BRB, going to wear a wedding cape every day.

¿Cómo no me di cuenta de su yemoso secreto antes?

A video claiming that 17-year-old David Hogg was a paid actor was prominently featured on YouTube's Trending section, until public outrage forced the company to remove it.

Por anos, lutei contra a dor vaginal. Então o Botox me ajudou a mudar essa realidade.

One student told BuzzFeed News amid their tireless gun control organizing and campaigning that they've had a good lol regarding the internet trolls.

The pro-Trump media chose a political enemy effectively born onto the internet and innately capable of waging an information war.

Você está sentindo um negocinho subindo na sua perna?

Little legends only.

She'll float, too.

Bop to the top.

The talk show host, who said she will be taking a three-week break per her doctor's orders, also acknowledged that some viewers had spotted the signs.

Han trabajado juntos en distintos proyectos de cine y televisión.

Conta para gente seu CAUSO e podemos falar dele em um vídeo do BuzzFeed.

Including llama sneakers, octopus planters, a typewriter-inspired pencil holder, and more! Much more!

She looked like an actual princess.

A sensação é de que qualquer um pode sentar naquela bancada e falar qualquer coisa.

Es la Bruja de Blair de 2018.

Pelos estão em (quase) todos os humanos. Então, por que sempre fiquei tão incomodada com eles?

Deals on hanging shelves, lip creams, vintage lamps, bookends, and more!

They looked so happy.

It's time to finally save money on take-out.

Shipping not included! :'(

Finally, a mannequin with freckles.

Welcome back, S.

Quem deu uma procuração para ele decidir?

It's a starry night in London.

The Canadian band has been suspended from the airwaves by dozens of radio stations.

Just like the Grammys, white rose pins are being worn to support Time's Up and the #MeToo movement.

Me di cuenta que soy malísimo ligando.

Is it Jeremy Gilbert?

¿Cachaste ese pequeño tributo a Volver al Futuro?

Forget Netflix and chill, try read books and chilli.


When in doubt, eat.

The digital media company will lay off about 50 people in a pivot away from video.

El productor aseguró que tuvo una relación sentimental con la actriz y rechazó la acusación de supuesta violación, mientras que Souza no ha dicho el nombre del agresor.

The Queen of New Rules has arrived.

A source close to Ariana told BuzzFeed that she'd been taken ill and advised not to fly to the UK.

TLDR; nothing worked that well and TV shows were a lot more problematic.

*macht direkt einen Termin im Tattoo-Studio*

Bachelor auf RTL und Twitter. Das passt wie Arsch auf Eimer!

*presses snooze button for the 15th time*

Vorsicht, Benutzung auf eigene Gefahr!

Hora de provar que você é mestre na cozinha.

En octobre 2016, la députée avait appelé à la démission du ministre d'alors, qui était accusé d'avoir frappé une ancienne collaboratrice. Elle évoque aujourd'hui un «détournement de la plainte en diffamation» qui permet de «faire passer l’accusateur pour un affabulateur».

Oh Bonne Mère !

"Everyone's just waiting for this moment, and then you read it and it's incredible."

Pizzabrötchen für 22 Dollar? Irgendetwas sagt mir, dass Bill Gates nicht sehr oft einkaufen geht.

Let me explicaros a couple of cosas.

Who's ready for some sexy skin?

If global warming isn't real then why did Club Penguin close down?

Souza told CNN Español that an unnamed director wielded "psychological control" over her when she did not give in to his advances.


Who doesn't love waffles and movies?

Au moment de se défendre sur BFM-TV, Laurent Wauquiez a-t-il donné dans le «bullshit de plateaux médiatiques», pour reprendre sa formule ? On a voulu vérifier. La machine s'est emballée.

¡Wakanda por siempre!

Students from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School and others are attending a rally for new gun regulations at the Florida State Capitol today.

"I'm going to swing right in there when he's, like, 30..."

No comer carne roja no significa dejar de comer delicioso.

Pizza rolls for $22? Something tells me Bill Gates doesn't go shopping very often.

Sometimes, you're bad.

It's hard out here for a dad.

Procurado, o presidenciável disse ao BuzzFeed News que só emprestou assinatura para o filho criar a empresa.

Quem diria que o Killmonger ama passar roupa?

"You think I'm going to cover that gorgeous dress up with a coat and a scarf?"

No eggs puns here, just business.

Toutes des reines.

Ela conseguiu chegar às finais, um feito inédito na patinação artística para uma atleta da América do Sul.

So much can happen in just 60 seconds.

Natalie Brown • 55 minutes ago

"Well, I hope these kids don't give up," Colbert said. "Because this is their lives and their future. Someone else may be in power, but this country belongs to them — and there is reason for hope."

These aren't kitchen staples, but they should be.

"At some point, they need to look at us as humans."

Work smarter, not harder.

Nem falaríamos isso se não fosse importante.

J'espère que vous avez l'œil pour évaluer la valeur d'un yacht.

He pointed to the case of convicted murderer Darren Osborne, who had wanted to kill the Labour leader because it would be "one less terrorist" on the streets.

You either wake up a hero, or you drink long enough to see yourself become the villain.

Vous êtes persuadé-e que vos ami-e-s vous en veulent en secret.


Graham rose to fame as a TV preacher and as a religious adviser to US presidents.

Même d'excellents films peuvent avoir une fin décevante. Attention, spoilers.

"As long as you survive filming, they don't really care if you drop dead afterwards."

They all seem to have vanished from the face of the earth.

Make your tiny space more cosy and snug without breaking the bank.

„Ich hab das Wort 'Blasen' zu wörtlich genommen und geblasen, als ob sein Ding ein Ballon ist. Er fand das NICHT SO COOL."

Pumpernickel bagels?

Diese Ikea-Tricks machen dein Leben leichter.

Diese unkomplizierten Pflanzen brauchen fast keine Pflege – und bringen trotzdem wunderschönes grünes Leben in deine Wohnung.

"I will take it down in your sleep."

"I didn’t see any reason not to create an atmosphere to reflect the joy I felt while at work," the Lady Bird director told BuzzFeed.


Your BuzzFeed News newsletter, Feb. 21.

A set of cat figurines, a pack of chocolate anuses (LOL), and 26 other favorite products from our recent posts.


Same to same.

Setz diese Filme auf deine Prioritätenliste.

The Labour leader demanded Conservative Party vice chair Ben Bradley apologise and donate to charity over the tweet, which has already been deleted.

Il n'y a pas beaucoup de rôles réservés aux femmes dans les films grand public. Lequel jouerez-vous ?


Are you as grown up as you think you are?

Warum auch?

Angeblich gibt es geheime Mails von Juso-Chef Kevin Kühnert mit einem russischen Troll. Jetzt sagt das Satiremagazin „Titanic“: das waren wir - und die BILD hat's gekauft.


„Ich habe gespürt, was Stigmatisierung bedeutet.“



Dans ce quiz, tout le monde est gagnant.


Enfin, voilà une utilité pour ce dégrafeur que vous avez gardé sans savoir pourquoi.


Perdona, ¿es esa tu madre o ES MI MADRE?

Ils se sont mis tous seuls dans cette situation, en même temps.

Nothing but respect for my Disney princess.



Y tú que pensabas que tu gato era listo.

Recruited from soup kitchens and street corners with the promise of cash, drugs, or drink. Locked in squalid conditions, beaten, and forced to work brutal shifts to pay spiralling debts. A BuzzFeed News investigation reveals how hundreds of Britain’s homeless people are being trapped into modern slavery – and Theresa May’s flagship anti-trafficking initiative is failing to protect them.

*Plays Sex and the City theme song*




Gold medals or Academy Awards?

Right-wing websites are fueling a now-viral conspiracy theory that Florida high school students demanding gun control are actors pushing a liberal agenda. The theory was even promoted by the aide of a Florida lawmaker.


Se trata de Gustavo Loza, quien rechazó los señalamientos en su cuenta de Twitter.

You win either way.

The cows seemed unperturbed.

Cool... eh?

I mean...why not.

Dammit, NRIs. Can you not ruin Indian formal wear any more?

Rivaling sides of Australia's medicinal cannabis debate are arguing over an editorial published in the Medical Journal of Australia.

And the winner is...


The official Black Panther Twitter account posted a letter from the director thanking moviegoers for a historic weekend.


Decreto de Temer foi aprovado por 55 senadores; 13 foram contrários. Nesta madrugada, a Câmara já havia aprovado a peça por 340 votos contra 72.

É a primeira vez na história do programa em que os quatro primeiros eliminados são mulheres.

Mother knows best!

The new Marvel flick is far more complex and political than its predecessors.

While the concepts of "box office" and "records" are fairly new for many African countries, Black Panther is breaking them.



Catchin' z's, counting sheep, getting do you do it?

The governor of Hawaii said he will request $2 million to improve plans for a nuclear attack.

Just in case you need 'em today.

Florida's House of Representatives voted to declare pornography a health risk and not to debate a ban on assault weapons, less than a week after a shooter killed 17 people at a school in Parkland.

I don't think you're ready for... this quiz.

This one's all about YOU.

Killmonger could be my king any day.

Y'all wrong. Y'all just wrong.

“Patients with mental illness continue to bear the brunt of an underfunded sector experiencing unprecedented demand with limited supply," said Wendy Burn, president of the Royal College of Psychiatrists.

Lawyer pleads guilty in Russia probe, military honors for Parkland shooting victims, and Blac Chyna considers legal action over leaked sex tape.

It is the first time that any areas of law have been brought back into the scope of legal aid since the cuts came into force in December 2013.

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