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Everyone Knows Their Hogwarts House, But Do You Know Your Hogwarts House Enemy?

The Anti-Sorting Hat!

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  1. Which house do you belong to?

  2. Pick one:

  3. Which group are you most likely to join?

  4. You're walking down the hallway, and you see a potion bottle marked "Felix Felicis". What do you do?

  5. Who is your favorite teacher?

  6. Where are you going on holiday?

  7. Pick one:

  8. In which subject are you most likely to get an "Outstanding"?

  9. Who are you most likely to pet-sit?

  10. You're in the Forbidden Forest on a detention-related assignment and you see an injured Acromantula. What do you do?

  11. Who are you most likely to avoid in the hallway?

  12. When you sneak out at night, where do you go?

  13. Pick one:

  14. Which creature is your favorite?

  15. How are you celebrating Valentine's Day at Hogwarts?

  16. Who is on your most prized Chocolate Frog Card?

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