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Pink's Voice Is Gone And She's Supposed To Sing The National Anthem At The Super Bowl Tomorrow

Take me instead.

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Super Bowl 52 is tomorrow. Sure, the Patriots, the Eagles, and Justin Timberlake will be there. But more importantly, there's going to be Pink, and she's going to be singing the national anthem.

pink / Via

Except this morning, Pink posted on Instagram that she has the flu. She has to sing the national anthem TOMORROW, people! This is a code red! / Via

She wrote in her caption, "Trying to practice the flu away. I’ve been waiting to sing this song since 1991 when I saw my idol, Whitney Houston, own this song. And now, my chance has finally come."

George Rose / Getty Images

"And it just so happens that this chance comes when I have two small Petri dish kids who literally cough INTO MY MOUTH and rub their snot on my cheek. You can’t write this stuff I swear," she continued.

pink / Via

"And here we are. I’ve arrived at another one of my dreams which is slowly becoming a sort of nightmare. I will tell you, this is one of the biggest honors of my life, singing this song in front of my family, my military family, my dad, my brother, my step mama, my family, and the world. And the EAGLES!?!?!"

Kevin Winter / Getty Images

"I promise I will do my best, as I always do. As far as the gremlins that got me into this mess, you can cough at me for the rest of your lives. If it’s a contest, babies, you win."

Christopher Polk / Getty Images

Moms are feeling the struggle.

mommycraxbac / Via
andy_fitmom_polerina / Via
maggiecritchley / Via

And, honestly, the comments are more helpful than any doctor I've ever been to.

breelynnduh / Via
sarah8327 / Via
miichellemaggs / Via
mjfaucett / Via

WHAT KIND OF NERVE does this flu have to get all up in her immune system. It's just plain rude.


Drink some hot tea and rest up, Pink! You'll do great tomorrow!

pink / Via

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