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17 Moms Whose Secrets Will Make You Go, "OMG, I'm Not The Only One!"

They're keeping "mum" about these.

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We asked members of the Buzzfeed Community to tell us their "mom secret" and the responses were funny, heartwarming, and totally relatable:


5. "I told my daughter that her ADHD and high-functioning autism are really just superpowers that allow her to think differently than other people. This way, she never feels ashamed or disabled by them."


8. "I once blended spinach in red pasta sauce so my son would eat it, but the sauce turned brown. So I convinced my son we were having an exciting dinner in the dark with candles so he wouldn't notice the brown sauce, and he ate it without complaint."

10. "My son is autistic and has limited verbal ability. While I would love for him to increase his verbal skills, life with his quietness is pretty pleasant. When I babysit my neighbor's kids, they talk nonstop and their jibber-jabbering is stressful!"


17. "My daughter is a pescatarian and I used to make her a spinach and tomato stew that she loves. When she went to college, she called me for the recipe. After she made it, I asked how it was. She said, 'Yours tastes better.' I told her that it must be because I made it with love...but it was actually because I made it with chicken broth."

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Some responses have been edited for length and clarity.