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February 4, 2018

'Makeup is not a mask. Makeup is art, passion, expression'

Un viaje al pasado de lo más inolvidable en la historia del domingo de Super Tazón.

Love is in the air.

"DIY appendix removal kit"

Pick a senior life to live and i'll give you an emo band to listen to to get with the times.

This will be about 5/five of the most common lies, parents/guardians have told their children: biological child, adopted child, fostered child, etc.

Justice is so in right now.

You may be surprised by your results.


We've all been there before.

you know which coresec member you for the real questions!

"It wasn’t rejected because it was never reviewed because the company never made a buy," an NBC spokesperson told BuzzFeed News.

Jenner le dio la bienvenido a su primogénita el primero de febrero, lo confirmó a través de su cuenta de Twitter.

Minimal attention, watering, and light involved.




Most people have an above-average number of arms.

Jenner welcomed her baby on Feb. 1, she confirmed on Twitter.

I'm sorry Ms Jackson, I am for real.

Shop until you drop!

It's time do what you love!

Much simpler times.

Bring on the bath bombs!

It's a magnificent decade to be in tbh! But also the hangovers are real bad and you think about death a lot.

Don't question it.

Take this quiz to find out which woman you most match with from the 311 posse.

Can you rock Bret's World?

From perfectly poaching eggs to neatly rolling dough.

Be a little spontaneous.

The end of January marks the beginning of the end of 2018 new year resolutions. Time to stop the pretenses and start living your best life.

TBH my biggest regret of college was not going to a school with a dog mascot.

Vas a querer probarlos todos.

Seriously, she doesn't get enough credit for her expert clapbacks.

We got Bad Blood

"You wanna be a loser like me!"

Do you even HQ, bro?

Are you feisty like Piper, or wild like Paige?

Some were perfect, others not so much.

It's the trip of a lifetime. Do it right.

It's time to share the knowledge.

Food for thought?

The moment the missile hit the Russian Su-25 attack aircraft of the Russian Civil Code in Syria was on video. The plane was shot down by militants in the area near the village of Maceran in the province of Idlib. This area is under the control of the terrorist group "Dzhebhat an Nusra" (banned in Russia). The pilot catapulted and died in battle with terrorists. The footage shows how the terrorists shoot from an anti-aircraft gun to shoot down an airplane, then the video shows how a missile from a MANPADS gets into it. Video posted by the group "Free army Idliba." The Ministry of Defense of Russia stated that a group strike with precision-guided weapons was inflicted on the area from which the aircraft was fired. According to radio intercepts, as a result of the attack more than 30 militants were killed.

Because, duh!


Gus O'Donnell, the former cabinet secretary, said: "If you're selling snake oil, you don't like the idea of experts testing your products."

Te ai intrebat vreodata daca se uita cineva la curu tau si iti vede chilotii?Acum nu mai trebuie ca te aflam ca suntem de la fbi.

But she wouldn't say whether she'd serve in a government led by Boris Johnson.

Do you need plans?

new blog post released.

"I'm not pretty, I'm not beautiful, I'm as radiant as the sun." -- Katniss Everdeen



they're all 'straight'

An inside look at the sometimes glamorous, but sometimes boring life of a background actor.





May the friendship be with you.

C'est ici que tu vas enfin savoir si t'es vraiment en ATM ou si tu mens à ce propos

I know Nothing happens overnight but you need to start somewhere.

Is it Lilly Singh or Liza Koshy?

You think you know but do you really know what you think you know?

Can't I just stay home?

Have you ever wanted to know which persona of Marilena you were? Well now you can find out!

We live in a weird world.







Your childhood in a quiz.


I may guess wrong but it's always worth a try :)


チョ〜コ! チョ〜コ!

Are you actually a Wheeler?

So. Many. Good. Boy. Actors.

take the quiz to find out which Trinity Church VB staff member you are!

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