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February 4, 2018

You're my person.

Un viaje al pasado de lo más inolvidable en la historia del domingo de Super Tazón.

Love is in the air.

"DIY appendix removal kit"

Chicago was born via surrogate on Jan. 15th.

What a day, folks. What a day.

Justice is so in right now.

It takes place when?!


Sitting on the same side of the table as your date.

"Holy shit can’t believe Kylie Jenner won the super bowl"

It's time to join the Alvarez family!

"A glimpse into the last nine months."

How you get clean says a lot about how you get dirty.

"It wasn’t rejected because it was never reviewed because the company never made a buy," an NBC spokesperson told BuzzFeed News.

That 3 a.m. glass of water though.

Jenner le dio la bienvenido a su primogénita el primero de febrero, lo confirmó a través de su cuenta de Twitter.

Minimal attention, watering, and light involved.


Most people have an above-average number of arms.

Despite Republican concerns that the FBI misused the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act to gain a warrant to monitor Carter Page, Congress renewed the act less than a month ago.

Jenner welcomed her baby on Feb. 1, she confirmed on Twitter.

I'm sorry Ms Jackson, I am for real.

"It's the year 2038 and the only original left on the show is Bokhee the scrub nurse."

Shorties to the front!

Shop until you drop!

It's time do what you love!

Sometimes, you just gotta nap without taking out your lenses.

Much simpler times.

Bring on the bath bombs!

*Plays Rhythm Nation: 1814 on repeat FOREVER*

It's a magnificent decade to be in tbh! But also the hangovers are real bad and you think about death a lot.

Don't question it.

Woah, baby!

Can you rock Bret's World?

"My niece ripped my new Fenty sponge and threw it at me after so I knew."

From perfectly poaching eggs to neatly rolling dough.

Bedroom: Your sister's room that you could NEVER enter without written and verbal permission.

Tesla wants to change the world by selling eco-friendly electric vehicles to the masses. But some of the workers laboring to build that dream have been hurt along the way.

Be a little spontaneous.

What did Earth say to the other planets? Wow, you guys have no life.

Because you should never forget the name of a restaurant you'd recommend to a friend.


TBH my biggest regret of college was not going to a school with a dog mascot.

Vas a querer probarlos todos.

Que los fans del deporte sufran, tú date unas películas que dan risa.

Seriously, she doesn't get enough credit for her expert clapbacks.

"No one goes to Target because they need something. You go to Target and let target tell you what you need."

Imagine you're at the most upscale supermarket in your area. Can you buy eight items with a budget of $50?

"Every Valentine's Day card in history was signed on the dashboard on a car in a Walgreen's parking lot."

A look back at the most memorable performers to hit the gridiron on Super Bowl Sunday.

Perfect for beginners on a budget.

Do you even HQ, bro?

"After a very long adult day at work, I’d like to thank each of you for putting a huge smile on my face," one person said in response to the joyous footage.

"I accidentally let their child watch porn."

Are you feisty like Piper, or wild like Paige?

You ready to get organized? (Like, for real this time.)

Do you love or loathe small talk?

Some were perfect, others not so much.

"I lift heavy weights in the summer — weights my doctor said my back would never be able to support."

It's the trip of a lifetime. Do it right.

For example, how they deal with all the pooping.


Food for thought?

In the British show "Mastermind" contestants can choose whatever subject of their choosing to be quizzed on. See how you compared in this Parks and Rec round.

Because, duh!


Gus O'Donnell, the former cabinet secretary, said: "If you're selling snake oil, you don't like the idea of experts testing your products."

"Alright we really need to draw the line at gendering poop."

But she wouldn't say whether she'd serve in a government led by Boris Johnson.

Do you need plans?

More than 100 people were injured after the train, carrying approximately 147 people, crashed.

The man was arrested meters from a concert venue in Orlando on Friday where the singer was due to perform.

"I'm not pretty, I'm not beautiful, I'm as radiant as the sun." -- Katniss Everdeen




There are some real gems in this list.

"I feel like Alia's older sister. I want to see her happily settled, attend her wedding, wipe her tears... And then I can say, 'OK now it's my turn'."

Human Rights Watch has denied overlooking crucial criticisms of the Gulf state after a controversial press release.

No it's fine vagina, just bleed whenever you want. You bastard.

Y es que a veces es demasiado.

Tanto si eres vegano/a, vegetariano/a o solo quieres ahorrar dinero, esto está hecho para ti.





May the friendship be with you.

"Well, that was fun while it lasted."

Can't I just stay home?

We live in a weird world.








Your childhood in a quiz.



チョ〜コ! チョ〜コ!

Years before he died, Prince called the notion of performing alongside the hologram of a dead musician "demonic."

I'm not a music critic, just a gay man with taste.

Are you actually a Wheeler?

So. Many. Good. Boy. Actors.

The waters are dark and full of terrors.

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