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    I Figured Out How To Win While Playing The HQ Trivia App And Now I Love It

    Do you even HQ, bro?

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    So, there's a new trivia quiz app called HQ that everyone seems to be talking about. Heard of it?

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    Here's the thing: You can actually win money playing it.

    Watch one man set out to master the HQ Trivia App!

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    Eric hadn't played HQ yet, and he was on a mission to not just win, but to master the whole damn thing.


    He was mentally ready for his first game, was up against 720,000 players, and there was $2,000 at stake. Game on!

    Ok, so the first two questions were super elementary and completely obvious, but then the third one came along and totally threw Eric off.


    And he got it wrong.

    Although Eric was completely devastated, he wasn't about to give up on his plan to dominate HQ trivia.


    Then he had a great idea.

    He put his coworkers to the test, as he gathered a team of players who had proven to kick ass at HQ.


    They were gonna take on the quiz as a group, and they were confident. Maybe a little too confident.

    And it almost worked. One person on the team managed to come out victorious in the end. The only problem was...

    BuzzFeed wasn't Eric.

    He was determined to win himself, so he contacted some previous HQ winners to see if they could give him any advice.


    One of them was Jamie Ortiz, an HQ Trivia winner who had won $6,000. Wow! She recommended Eric go with his gut when playing.

    Eric also discovered he worked alongside a four-time HQ Trivia champion in Zack Kornfeld (one of BuzzFeed's Try Guys).


    Zack said, "You only have three seconds to Google, but can you google something that points you in the right direction?" Solid advice.

    It was game time! Eric was so nervous during the game that he forgot to talk. That's über-concentration, my friends.


    He was on a roll, and made it to the twelfth question. This was the moment he had been waiting for.


    Annnnnd he did it! He won a whole $34 and now officially considers himself an HQ master.



    He learned Google helps a lot, and so does having a group of 20 people texting you what they think the answer could be.


    "But sometimes, you have to trust yourself, and not trust them." Wise words. Way to go, Eric!