16 Things About Being In Your Thirties I Wish Someone Had Told Me, So I'm Telling You

    It's a magnificent decade to be in tbh! But also the hangovers are real bad and you think about death a lot.

    During my twenties, nothing about being me felt much different than it ever had.

    I’d accumulated some nicer clothes and I had prescription eyeglasses, but otherwise, I just felt like the same Sally making her way through life. In my thirties, I gradually started to feel more like an adult. You know, like parents, or the people in car commercials. I’d hear myself explaining what an insurance deductible is or I’d realize that I declined a second drink so I could have a good workout in the morning.

    The older I get, the more interested I get in thinking about not just what's next, but how I got here. So, I rounded up some of the things that happened in my thirties — some kinda minor, others pretty gigantic and/or defining — and that might happen in yours too.

    1. You will develop the ability to tell when someone is an emotional vampire before they have a chance to destroy your life.

    2. “Being alone is actually pretty great" is something you’ll find yourself saying quite a bit.

    3. You'll discover that pop stars, pro athletes, and extremely accomplished celebrities are younger than you...which will be heartbreaking at first, and then totally fine.

    4. Also, your doctors may be your age or younger and it’s pretty unnerving.

    5. You will get to know yourself better and it’s pretty great.

    6. Related: You will start to care a little less what people think of you.

    7. You will have reason to believe that everyone else is winging it, too — which is extremely comforting.

    8. Adult financial shit — taxes, bills, anything involving insurance — will get less mystifying.

    9. You think about existential shit a lot more.

    10. You will realize you're the age of the PARENTS in movies and TV shows.

    11. It will feel like your decisions matter more, which is pretty heavy.

    12. That said, you tend to make better choices because you’ve learned from your (many) mistakes.

    13. Drinking isn’t as fun as it used to be.

    14. You will eventually admit that top 40 music, mainstream movies, and chain restaurants are fine, and sometimes even great.

    15. Related: You take up hobbies because you enjoy them, not because you think they’re cool.

    16. You care way more about other people.

    In conclusion: Getting older is pretty alright.