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18 Times The Internet Roasted The Absolute Shit Out Of Gender Roles

"Alright we really need to draw the line at gendering poop."

1. On just wanting to smell nice:

2. On decorating nurseries:

3. On letting pets just be:

4. On ~girly~ shit:

alright we really need to draw the line at gendering poop.

5. On "feminine" drinks:

6. On "women's vegetables":

7. On masculinity:

8. On those well-known genders:

is your gender girly girl or north american

9. On learning to love pink again:

10. On this slightly creepy stereotyping:

11. On gender binaries:

ah, the classic gender binary : men and shoes

12. On advertising:

13. And on gendering the actual world:

14. On cafés vs. bars:

15. On knowingly sending up gendered products:

16. On what it means to be a princess:

17. On the names for men's shower gels:

18. And on "real men":

I have absolutely no idea what this means.