A Man Has Been Arrested For The Alleged Attempted Kidnapping Of Lana Del Rey

    The man was arrested meters from a concert venue in Orlando on Friday where the singer was due to perform.

    Police have arrested a man on suspicion of attempting to kidnap singer Lana Del Rey hours before she was due to perform a concert in Orlando on Friday.

    The 43-year-old suspect, named by police as Michael Hunt, was arrested outside the Amway Center in Orlando where Lana Del Rey was scheduled to perform, following a tip-off to police about a "credible threat". U

    ARRESTED: Michael Hunt, for aggravated stalking & attempted kidnapping w/a weapon. After receiving a tip we deeme… https://t.co/ctYtd7sHkC

    He was found one block away from the concert venue and upon arrest Hunt had a knife and tickets for the concert.

    Orlando Police said they arrested Hunt for aggravated stalking and attempted kidnap of Lana Del Rey.

    Orlando Police Department said in a statement "On Friday, OPD determined this was a credible threat and worked swiftly to ensure the safety of everyone involved and of everyone who attended the show.

    "We rely on the community to call in anything suspicious. If it weren't for that tip, authorities might have been unaware of the threat Hunt posed."

    OPD Media release on arrest of Michael Hunt, 43, who stalked, made threats against singer Lana Del Rey. Working of… https://t.co/I5sD07RsQ8

    The concert went ahead as normal and Lana Del Rey posted this video to Twitter thanking fans for coming.

    Orlando! Fort Lauderdale! Miami! Thank you so much for coming out and making those shows totally crazy and keeping… https://t.co/RVzEVsJf6g

    Hunt is being held at Orange County Jail with no bond, charged with aggravated stalking with a credible threat and attempted kidnapping with a weapon.