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    14 Actually Helpful Tips That'll Help You Manage All The Junk In Your House

    You ready to get organized? (Like, for real this time.)

    We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us their best tips for managing clutter. Here are some of the best submissions:

    1. Be intentional about the things you buy and what you bring home with you.

    2. Don't purchase storage products to help with organization unless you're sure you need them.

    3. And ask yourself if you actually have a place for something before buying it.

    4. Store similar items in the same location and if you don't have a set place for it, let it go.

    5. Remember, most clutter is just a collection of items that can be replaced, so try to limit the amount of things you place sentimental value on.

    6. Empty everything from closets, to drawers, to cabinets so you can go through every item and decide where it needs to go.

    7. Sell clothing and household items that you don't use anymore — and are in good condition — so you're incentivized to get rid of things.

    8. Create a system that ensures you're regularly getting rid of things so junk doesn't accumulate over time.

    9. For example, you could try this neat hanger trick that keeps track of what you've actually worn throughout the year.

    10. Remember what you wore last year during a certain season, as each new season approaches.

    11. Keep a designated donation bag or box in your closet year-round so you can easily add items to it.

    12. Donate your used and old blankets to an animal shelter instead of just tossing them out.

    13. Don't stress yourself over getting rid of everything! Some things really are irreplacable, so just set guidelines for the sentimental stuff.

    14. And if you're looking for additional tips and tricks, check out this highly rated book on decluttering your home and then actually sticking to it.

    Good luck in reducing your clutter, friends. You can do it!

    Some responses have been lightly edited for length or clarity.

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