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If You Didn't Grow Up With A Sister, You Won't Understand These Words

Bedroom: Your sister's room that you could NEVER enter without written and verbal permission.

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1. Remote


Growing up — The device that tore sisters apart BECAUSE YOU BOTH WANTED CONTROL OF IT.

In your 20s — The device that lets you peacefully watch Law and Order: SVU or re-runs of Boy Meets World together.

2. Routine

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Growing up — The choreographed dance you guys had to Destiny's Child.

In your 20s — Your daily schedule, which includes moisturizing and texting each other about your parents.

4. Borrow

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Growing up — The action of taking something without permission. (See also: Stealing.)

In your 20s — The action of politely asking if you can use something for a limited period of time without anyone freaking out or losing their shit over a sweater.


6. You're fine

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Growing up — What you said to your sister after she started crying and you needed her to be quiet before mom heard.

In your 20s — What you say to your sister when she asks you if she's too dressed up for a party you're going to.

7. Copying


Growing up — When your sister would wear what you were wearing or do what you were doing, and then you'd get mad at her for it.

In your 20s — When your sister wears something you're wearing or does something you're doing, only now you love it because you understand it just means she thinks you're cool.


10. Seatcheck (or Fives)

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Growing up — The word used to describe calling “DIBS!” on the best chair in the living room before leaving to go to the bathroom or grabbing a snack from the kitchen.

In your 20s — A word you don’t say anymore. Now you just say “scooch over” before sharing a blanket with her.

11. Snacks

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Growing up — Food your parents bought for you, i.e., Gushers, Dunkaroos, Twinkies, and other sugar-loaded products you fought each other for.

In your 20s — Food you pay for with your own money, i.e. wine and cheese and still Gushers.


13. Eavesdropping


Growing up — The act of picking up the landline when you knew your sister was gossiping with her friend.

In your 20s — The act of casually glancing at your sister’s phone screen when it lights up with a text to make sure she’s still not contacting her trash ex.

14. Computer

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Growing up — The thing you argued over when one of you was spending too much time playing The Sims.

In your 20s — The thing you use to tag each other in Facebook photos after spending the weekend with each other.

15. Webcam

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Growing up — The thing you would try and interrupt while your sister was busy flirting with her crush.

In your 20s — Replaced by FaceTime, it's the way you and your sister can stay in touch if you live in different cities.

16. Vacation

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Growing up — That one week during summer break when you and your sister fought like there was no tomorrow. She’s touching you? Fight. She’s encroaching on your side of the backseat? Fight? She won’t share the Gameboy? Fight.

In your 20s — The time of the year you look forward to when you guys get to laugh and drink and have fun together.


17. Socks

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Growing up — The gift you both HATED getting during the holidays.

In your 20s — The gift you get from your parents during the holidays that makes you say, “Omg, I needed a pair. These are so warm and comfy.”