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19 Cringeworthy Things You Can Actually Buy On Facebook

"DIY appendix removal kit"

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1. This collection of freshly-shed snake skins.

Simon Xavier Saoirse‎ / Facebook

2. This confused party piñata.

Rom Fox‎ / Facebook

3. This super sanitary medical kit.

Elizabeth McDermott‎ / Facebook

4. This great deal.

Taylor Cowling‎ / Facebook

5. This tasteful decor.

Katie Martin‎ / Facebook

6. This overflowing jar of clipped toenails.

Becky Claire‎ / Facebook

7. This alarmingly specific item.

Mike Migliozzi‎ / Facebook

8. This elegant coffin.

Jacie Womack‎ / Facebook

9. These delicious homemade tortillas.

Johnny Sous / Facebook

10. This hauntingly beautiful fixture.

ShiAnn Marie‎ / Facebook

11. This generous offer.

Nina Savasta‎ / Facebook

12. This cringe-worthy couch.

Emily Duncan‎ / Facebook

13. This unexpected offer.

Ethan Wade‎ / Facebook

14. This accurately-described sculpture.

Kate Driggers‎ / Facebook

15. This offer that's out of this world.

Michelle Dickison Bailey‎ / Facebook

16. This glowing gal.

Kaitlin Monk‎ / Facebook

17. This sparkly gem.

Shelby Heskett‎ / Facebook

18. This "slightly nibbled" sex toy.

Drew Lanster‎ / Facebook

19. And finally, this ad that is gourmet AND grotesque.

Sophia Cornell‎ / Facebook

If you want more cringe-worthy Facebook ads, check out what has wish advertised to me today OH NO and Sad Sales, Stolen Goods, and Sketchy Services.

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