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    30 Facts Of Life You've Come To Accept When You're A Short Girl

    Shorties to the front!

    Nora Marleen / BuzzFeed

    1. At concerts, you're always stuck staring at the back of people's heads.

    2. Even when you're waaay past 21, you get ID'd when buying alcohol because the cashier mistakes you for a kid.

    3. In group selfies, your chin is always cut off.

    4. You could easily wear your boyfriend's hoodie as a dress.

    5. New pants are always too long for you, and you have to roll them up 100 times.

    6. If you want to keep up with your friends while walking, you have to take twice as many steps as them.

    7. You've gotten a lifetime's worth (and then some) of comments like: "Well aren't you short!", "How tall are you, by the way?", "Are you still growing?", "How's the air down there?", "Can I lift you up?" and "Good things come in small packages, HAHAHA!" Ugh.

    Nora Marleen / BuzzFeed

    8. When you're grocery shopping, you sometimes have to ask other customers to grab things for you from the top shelves.

    9. And you often have to climb onto the kitchen counter when you need something from the cabinets.

    10. Or you always have a stepladder nearby.

    11. Even in the "shallow end" of the pool, you struggle to touch the bottom with your toes.

    12. In the car, you have to move the driver's seat riiiiight up to the steering wheel to even begin to be able to reach the pedals.

    13. You can't see yourself in most bathroom mirrors (except for the one at home).

    14. Whenever you sit somewhere, your feet either dangle in the air, or you have to scoot right up to the edge of the seat.

    15. You have to adjust the shower head if someone's showered before you — if you can even reach it at all, that is.

    Nora Marleen / BuzzFeed

    16. Your neck is often tired from craning upward to talk to people.

    17. And when you're using public transportation, you occasionally get a stranger's elbow in your face.

    18. Speaking of which, elbows in general are your worst enemy. People are always using you as an armrest without asking! It's sooOooOo hilarious.

    19. When you're hugging someone, your arms almost always go "under."

    20. Your younger siblings are a head taller than you.

    21. People always say that heels and platform shoes could make you *a bit* taller, but sometimes you just feel like wearing flats!

    Nora Marleen / BuzzFeed

    22. And when you do wear heels, people give you a look like they're saying, "Awwww, that's cute."

    23. Thigh-high boots go up to your crotch.

    24. Same goes for thigh-high stockings.

    25. When you fasten your seat belt in the car, it almost strangles you.

    26. When you get mad, no one takes you seriously. Instead, everyone comments on how cute you are when you're angry.

    27. But at least you never have to worry about hitting your head on like, anything.

    28. And your legs always have enough space in cars, trains, buses, and airplanes.

    29. PLUS, no one wins as spectacularly at limbo as you do.

    30. And best of all: You have a strong personality and plenty of self confidence because you've always had to stand up for yourself! 💪

    This post was translated from German.

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