People's names and addresses were listed on the FCC's website beside net neutrality comments they didn't make. Now the FBI is interested.

Kevin Collier • 6 days ago

China hasn't even acknowledged that the topic came up when Trump and President Xi Jinping met in Buenos Aires.

Kevin Collier • 11 days ago

As the US grows increasingly comfortable with "name-and-shame" tactics against hackers who work for China, Iran, North Korea, and Russia, it's only a matter of time before US government hackers are outed.

Kevin Collier • 17 days ago

More than two weeks after Georgia GOP gubernatorial candidate Brian Kemp made the allegation, the Democratic Party says no one’s talked to them.

Kevin Collier • 23 days ago

Most of the world agrees that it's unacceptable to build programs that rapidly shut down computers around the world. But the countries most likely to do it aren't willing to promise not to.

Kevin Collier • 25 days ago

A mistake in a court document provides the first documented evidence that Assange has been indicted in Virginia. But the charges remain unknown.

Kevin Collier • 28 days ago

"It's more likely that people are stricken by lightning than if they impersonate someone at the polls."

Jane Lytvynenko • One month ago

The sites make it particularly hard for black Americans to vote, a coalition of civil rights groups say.

Kevin Collier • One month ago

We're on the lookout for cyber-shenanigans tomorrow. But we're also vigilant for false claims — which in the right context can do even more damage.

Kevin Collier • One month ago

Georgia Secretary of State and candidate for governor Brian Kemp has a history of wrongly accusing opponents of hacking him.

Kevin Collier • One month ago

Even supporters of Republican Brian Kemp are disheartened by what’s taken place in the run-up to Tuesday’s voting.

Kevin Collier • One month ago

Russia hasn't tried to hack voting machines in 2018, the government says, but its propaganda efforts are as active as ever.

Kevin Collier • One month ago

Some parts of Texas still use older, paperless machines. A handful of voters say picking a straight-party option selects the wrong party.

Kevin Collier • One month ago

The move comes after the company suspended 652 fake pages, groups, and accounts in August for “coordinated, inauthentic behavior” associated with Iranian and Russian political influence operations.

Ryan Mac • One month ago

Weary of their platforms being abused, Facebook and Twitter have streamlined a process for states to flag election lies.

Kevin Collier • One month ago

Richard Ojeda rose up through West Virginia’s teacher strikes, and now he wants to take on Washington and everybody in it.

Kevin Collier • One month ago

When millions of people’s names were used to oppose — or in some cases, support —net neutrality without their permission, the FCC ignored it. But the investigation has taken a big turn.

Kevin Collier • One month ago

The US’s main hacking law is written so broadly that tweeting somebody’s password could theoretically bring charges.

Kevin Collier • 2 months ago

The alleged spy, Yanjun Xu, would be the first operative of China's Ministry of State Security to face a US court.

Kevin Collier • 2 months ago

In 2016, Cassandra Ford renamed a Twitter account for the persona leaking hacked Democratic emails. That earned the FBI's interest and a subpoena from special counsel Robert Mueller.

Kevin Collier • 2 months ago