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26 Things People Who Weren't Teens In The Mid-'00s Will Never Understand


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1. The conversation everyone reluctantly had when no one else was online:

2. The escape from reality that was almost better than a real vacation:


3. The game you were up all night playing:

4. The phone you wanted more than anything because every celebrity had one:

5. The holy grail of flip phones:

6. The moment that shook you to your very core:

7. The feel-good music that defined you:

8. And the angsty music that understood you:

9. These things that you saw all over MySpace...

Amanda Lee / Via

10. Which were actually pretty accurate for your personal style:

kaylaaymar / Via

11. And the only acceptable way to take a pic for your profile:

Andrea Hickey / BuzzFeed

12. These animated avatars that you spent hours tweaking:


13. And these cartoons, which basically defined the internet in the 2000s:

Instagram: @pon

14. The Russian Roulette of illegal music downloading:

15. The bracelets you and your friends all wore, though it's questionable what they actually meant:

16. The Flash site that gave you Trogdor the Burninator and Teen Girl Squad:

17. The cool new social network that forced you to get a college friend to invite you because high school students couldn't join yet:


18. The site that helped you deal with the stress of everyday '00s life:

Andrea Hickey / BuzzFeed / LiveJournal

19. The stepbrothers who made it all okay:

Cameron Hart / Via Facebook: 1831233620479722

20. And the commercial you couldn't get out of your head:

21. Each new graphic tee you picked up from PacSun on your trips to the mall:

Paul Frank / Via

22. Along with the really long shirts you got to offset your extra low-rise jeans:

Hollister / Via

23. The Victoria's Secret Pink underwear you owned even though you felt slightly weird about the messaging:

Andrea Hickey / BuzzFeed

24. The shoes literally everyone had:

25. The soundtrack to your life:

Death Cab for Cutie / Atlantic Records

26. And the Gospel:

Paramount Pictures

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