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    Updated on Feb 2, 2019. Posted on Feb 4, 2018

    If You Love Drinking And Dining Out, You Need To Know This Google Maps Hack

    Because you should never forget the name of a restaurant you'd recommend to a friend.

    I've always had a terrible sense of direction, so for many years Google Maps has been my most trusted friend and leader.

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    Before mobile internet was reliable and map apps actually worked properly, I literally used to print out pages from Google and highlight my route whenever I was going somewhere for the first time. (I also did this recently when I had an appointment at a government office and couldn't take my phone with me.)

    The life-saving nature of Maps' direction functionality is no secret — however, what's less well-known is the genius of its "your places" function.

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    When I moved to New York six months ago, a friend suggested we grab a beer somewhere and then reached for his phone and opened Google Maps. I was initially confused but watched on as he opened the app, then a list titled "$2 beers." A list of saved places where one could find a cheap beer appeared on the screen. I was inspired — not because I love beer (I don't) but because I'm constantly forgetting the names and locations of amazing bars and restaurants.

    After the cheap beer night, I got started my own Google Maps lists.

    Instead of beers, I saved places to take non-New Yorkers, thrift shops that are worth regular visits, pizza places, cheap eats, and more. As an Australian who grew up in a country town and is now living in one of the world's biggest cities, I feel a sense of comfort when I zoom out on my map of the city and see my saved places dotted along the streets and avenues. Google Maps reminds me that no matter where I am, I can find something familiar in a tap or two.

    And if you're thinking that this all sounds extremely confusing, let me assure you that it's actually ridiculously easy.

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    After you search a place's name in Google Maps, tap the "save" icon that sits between "website" and "label." Swipe to the end of the pre-made lists and add your own new list. Then save the spot to the list. Simple as that! After a few months of being obsessed with this function I'm finally in the habit of adding places I want to visit as soon as I read about them or have them recommended to me. Now, when I'm in a certain neighborhood, I simply open the app and see what's nearby.

    You can also save places to Maps from your desktop, which is extremely handy when you hear a co-worker raving about the truffle soup dumplings she had she dinner the night before.

    Beyond being an excellent way to remember restaurants close to your home, this function also makes a damn good companion for travelers.

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    The next time I travel to a new place, I plan to save the best tourist attractions, coffee spots, shops, and bars I go to, so I easily have them on hand in case a friend ever travels to the same place and asks for recommendations. And since eating new dishes and drinking at new places are two of my favorite things about traveling, Google Maps can also function as a kind of mini travel journal; a virtual food trail I can refresh and remember.

    Anyway, welcome to the future, my food and booze-loving friends.

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    May this little life hack bring you as much satisfaction as it's brought me.