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April 1, 2011

CJ Miles Hot Pictures

Let that be a warning, people. CJ Miles does not mess around.

the Real Housewives of Miami Season Finale Recap: Pray for an Elsa Spin-Off

It's over. The season finale was as wishy-washy as the rest of the episodes, but at least Elsa provided some moments.

Oops: YouTube's April Fools' Button Also Makes Horrible Things More Horrible

YouTube's April Fools' gag -- a '1911' button that turns any video into an old-timey silent film, complete with syncopated piano and sepia tone --

Safe and Hound: Dog Found Alive and Well in Japan THREE WEEKS after Tsunami | Mail Online

Against all odds: The dog appears to have survived by clinging to a house that had been swept away by the massive earthquake and tsunami that struck on March 11

The 13 Most Menacing Threats Of "SOON"

Tonight, they come for you. Hope you have your affairs in order.

30 Horrifying Pieces Of Claymate Fan Art

This is the most fucked up and disgusting thing you will see today or maybe ever.

10 Political Memoirs You MUST Read

Once you’ve completed George W. Bush’s memoir, “Decision Points,” you can move on to the next emotional roller coaster, “Going Rogue” and “Spoken From The Heart.” Can’t wait till the day comes for Christine O’Donnell’s. Always wanted to know more about witches.

Chemistry Of A Bloody Mary

An analytic chemist broke down the hundreds of flavor compounds in a Bloody Mary, presented here in convenient chart form. Although they occasionally use clinical, scientific jargon that might go over your head, such as "sinus-clearing."

King Of The Horses

Move over unicorns, there's a new sheriff in Mythical Horse Town. The "pumpactionicorn"?

5 Ways Sex Can Make You Look and Feel Younger

From lowering stress to protecting your heart, sex does a body good (6 Photos)

Japan Earthquake and Tsunami: Sales of Doomsday Nuclear Bunkers Soars 1000% | Mail Online

The 137,000sq ft bunker - designed to house 950 people for a year and withstand a 50 megaton blast - is currently being built under the grasslands of Nebraska.

Rebecca Black Vs. DMX

Made by the talented Chamberlain, here's a mashup of "Friday" and "Up In Here."

Hermione And Ron Skip Rocks In Deleted Deathly Hallows Scene

This is for all you Hermione/Ron shippers!

5 Cheapest Dow Dividend Stocks

5. Chevron(CVX) is an integrated oil and gas company, with exploration, production and refining operations. Chevron is still remarkably cheap, despite ranking as the best-performing Dow stock of 2011 so far, with a 19% gain. It trades at a trailin…

Cramer's 'Mad Money' Recap: Incredibly Obvious Trades (Final)

NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- Sometimes the right investments are just obvious, Jim Cramer told viewrs of his "Mad Money" TV show on Thursday. He said that's certainly the case after the markets just completed their best quarter since 1998. He said it's…

EXCLUSIVE: Russell Simmons Returns to Def Jam! (PHOTOS)

Earlier this week, Russell Simmons made a deal with Def Jam Recordings to return to the label as the President/CEO after the departure of LA Reid. Russell began Def Jam in 1984 with Rick Rubin and went on to release classic albums from Run-DMC, the…

14 Dogs Dressed Like Ewoks

Ewok dogs are infinitely more adorable than actual Ewoks. And they have a more realistic chance of fending off Stormtroopers. Who could laser blast something this cute?

The First Special Flip

It’s now called the “special flip” because “Special Greg” Powell was the one who accomplished it. This performance of Nitro Circus was recorded in Gosford, Australia. -via reddit Tags: bicycle, Cycli…

Shoenice Eats Everything

A Youtuber with the handle of Shoenice has carved out a niche for himself by eating weird things. Here are but a few of his gastronomic challenges, including tampons, lit matches and (most inedible of all) McDonald's.

2011: The Movie

What's the take away here? Romantic comedies need more explosions!

Lindsay Lohan Denies That She'd Been Drinking after Pictures of Her Sprawled on the Pavement after a Fall | Mail Online

Lindsay Lohan has denied she'd been drinking after the actress was seen on her hands and knees on the floor following a night out at a New York bar.

Woman Can't Close Her Eyes

After bad plastic surgery, Marilyn Leisz is unable to completely close her eyes.

Community Mixtape: Playlist For Friday

It's Friday. Help me make a collaborative playlist celebrating the end of the week that DOES NOT include any Rebecca Black at all.

Hockey Luvin

A gentleman at a Vancouver Canucks game who loves hockey so much (How much does he love hockey?) he'd like to enter into a long-term committed relationship with it and possibly marry it in Massachusetts or Iowa. Kind of looks like Phil Hartman in drag.

'Albany Seven' Claim $319 Million Mega Millions Prize

Seven very lucky New York state workers stepped forward today to claim their share of a $319 million Mega Millions prize, one of the state's largest lottery jackpots ever.

10 Great April Fools Day Pranks Caught on Video

Get your April Fools Day preparations in gear by checking out these ten hilarious videos

Childish Wisconsin GOP Taunts "Leftist" Judge

After the state chapter of the Republican Party made a massive open records request to (admittedly) intimidate University of Wisconsin professor Bill Cronon, things just got nuts. Today the Republican Party of Dane County released an "apology" to D…

Recipes from Famous Restaurants

Go on a culinary adventure in your own kitchen with these recipes from top-notch restaurants around the world, including Bouchon, Momofuku, Nobu, Balthazar, Blackberry Farm, Etoile, Emeril's Delmonico and more.

Ikea's Highchair For Dogs

I don't care that this is probably an April Fools Day joke, it's totally adorable and I really think they should start selling them.

Video Starring Chatty Twin Toddlers Has Everyone Wondering What They're Talking about

A new viral video stars 17-month old twin boys, Sam and Ren, whose intense conversation is captivating people online who are wondering what they're talking about.

Sex Tips Inspired by Onscreen Sex Scenes

Sex scenes in movies can make you hot and heavy, but re-enacting them might be tough without the right mood lighting and a camera crew to capture the most flattering angles. So instead, we’ve rounded up the hottest sex scenes of all time and got a l…

Joanne Salley Left Distraught after Topless Photos Emailed between Pupils | Mail Online

Former model Joanne Salley, 32, was taken home in tears from Harrow School in London when she discovered that boys were looking at the risqu\xE9 shots.

USB Cassette Player Converts Cassettes To MP3s

It's basically useless, but I still want it.

Improv Everywhere Actor Beaten On Subway

That's what you get for being Jar Jar Binks.

Voice Activated Printer

This is my kind of evil. Passive aggressive evil.

Vitaliy Sulzhik Sues Monster Energy Drink after Finding Dead Mouse in His Can | Mail Online

Vitaliy Sulzchik had downed the energy drink shortly after buying it, only to feel 'debris' in his mouth as he finished the can.

Type Helvetica Into Google

And it brings the search results back in Comic Sans.

Harry Potter TV Show This Summer On FX

And so it begins. But at least April starts with a high quality fake Harry Potter trailer.

'Barefoot' Backfire: Make-a-Wish Kid Turns Ina Down

It's the PR disaster heard 'round the world. The tables have turned on Food Network star Ina Garten, the 'Barefoot Contessa,' who got caught red-hand

Japan Nuclear Crisis: Fukushima Plant to Be Entombed in Concrete after Radiation Leak | Mail Online

The so-called Fukushima 50 are all repeatedly being exposed to dangerously high radioactive levels as they attempt to restore vital cooling systems following the earthquake and tsunami on March 11.

Terry Richardson Strikes Again: More of the Same or a Pre-April Fools’ Prank? – Fashionista: Fashion Industry News, Designers, Runway Shows, Style Advice

Forget about Robert Duffy. Or Dov Charney. Or Olivier Zahm. Just for a moment. Allegedly Terry Richardson is back on the prowl, hitting on a “freelance model” via IM. Jezebel reports that Felice Fawn is claiming Richardson asked her if she’d be comf…

USC Naked College Sex Photos 'Were Never Meant to Go Viral' Claims Photographer | Mail Online

The photographer was one of a group of students who watched the open air liaison from their dorm in the Birnkrant Residential Hall at the Los Angeles campus of USC.

Art Teacher at Top Public School Left Distraught after Topless Photos Are Emailed between Hundreds of Pupils | Mail Online

Former model Joanne Salley, 32, was taken home in tears from Harrow School in London when she discovered that boys were looking at the risqu\xE9 shots.

Newest Dancing Dog Craze

You put your right hurr in, you put your right hurr out...

Coffee Or Dating: Which Is Better?

This unscientific analysis proves coffee makes an ideal partner. I'll take bitter coffee over a bitter relationship any day.

Drug-Resistant Bacteria 'Superbug' Hits California

A bug with a reported 35-45% death-rate has been reported in southern California hospitals, and is spreading to other states.

Parents of Murder Victim Caroline Wimmer Sue Facebook over Crime Scene Photo

The family of New York murder victim Caroline Wimmer has filed a civil suit against Facebook and others, including ex-EMT Mark Musarella, who posted a graphic picture of their daughter's body to the social networking website.

The Top Chef All-Stars Fan Favorite Is Carla Hall

After Richard Blais was crowned Top Chef last night on Top Chef All-Stars, Bravo segued into an episode of Watch What Happens Live to have host Andy Cohen and season one winner Harold Dieterle declare the season's "Fan Favorite."

Katy Perry 'E.T.' Video Channels Lady Gaga

Katy Perry looks like she may be giving Lady Gaga a run for her money, at least in the outrageous looks category. Fans got a one-minute sneak peek of the video for her new single, E.T., on Wednesday.

Bill Murray to Play FDR in Hyde Park on the Hudson

Bill Murray has agreed to star as FDR in an adaptation of the British radio play Hyde Park On the Hudson to be directed by Morning Glory’s Roger Michell.

At $820,000 This Is the World's Most Expensive Rifle

I once saw a weapon featured on a magazine cover that was extolled by its maker as the finest rifle in the world. In was far from that, though it was indeed pretty. Among its failures was the fact that it was not fitted with sights.

A Dog with an inside Voice

While you may not be able to understand exactly what they are saying, it’s pretty easy to see they are commands regarding his voice volume.

Grill Made from a 1939 Dodge Pickup

As a hobby, Willie Elder restores classic cars and trucks. So it wasn’t too difficult to come up with all of the parts from a 1939 Dodge pickup truck (and other vehicles) necessary to make a functional grill.

'ICorrect' Helps Celebrities Debunk Myths, Refute Rumors

Are you a celebrity? Has your name been smeared by unfounded rumors, half-truths or an inaccurate Wikipedia entry? A new site called ICorrect can help you set the record straight.

Adventures in Copyright: Pat Field Thinks Alexander McQueen Is Clutch

It seems that stylist Patricia Field might have been a little too inspired by Alexander McQueen‘s four finger clutch. McQueen’s comes in several styles and color ways–lacquered lace, studded black leather, gold 3D flowers–as does Field’s.

Former Marc Jacobs Exec Sues Robert Duffy for Allegedly Being a Silly Pervert

The former CFO and COO of Marc Jacobs International, Patrice Lataillade, is suing the company, along with president Robert Duffy and parent firm LVMH, according to the NY Post. Marc Jacobs, the designer, was not named in the suit.

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