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April 19, 2011

Patti Smith And Johnny Depp In New Disney Dreams Photos

Annie Leibovitz's Disney Dream series continues with Johnny Depp and Patti Smith in a couple of Pirates of the Caribbean photos. Wait, Patti Smith? The punk icon? Disney ads? What? Cognitive dissonance? Huh? Nah. It's awesome.

Desperately Seeking Symmetry

The same people who brought us, "Words," are back with a short called "Symmetry," based off Radiolab's episode, "Desperately Seeking Symmetry."

Lady Gaga In Trasparent Body Suit, Horns

In the latest issue of NME, Lady Gaga sports a see through, zippered jumpsuit and her now trademark cheek protrusions. She's slowly becoming a replicant from "Blade Runner."

The United States Of Sodomy

A map by Mother Jones illustrating which states, in defiance of the Supreme Court's Lawrence v. Texas ruling, still have anti-sodomy laws on the books. Way to go Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas! They form what is known as "Teh Buttsecks Belt."

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