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April 20, 2011

The Power Consumption Of Pot Growing

A buzz-killing infographic from Good depicting the carbon Birkenstock-print left by cannabis production in the United States. Harsh.

15 Things That Happened On 420 Having Nothing To Do With Weed

A lot of important historical stuff happened on April 20th besides Columbus discovering Boulder, Colorado or the invention of Dave Chappelle or whatever reason everyone gets baked today. It's an awful day for Colorado. And let's not forget all the wonderful birthdays.

Amazing Detailed Eggshell Carvings

Brian Baity carves amazing, intricate designs on eggshells! How does it he do it without breaking them and getting egg on his face? (Womp womp woooomp.) But seriously, check them out. I'm so amazed.

Droid Feelings

Contemplating their place in an organic-centric universe. Designer Chris Gerringer has somehow managed to take awesome wallpapers about Star Wars and turn them into a droid music video of "Hello? Is It Me You're Looking For?" in my head.

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