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April 18, 2011

Creative Coffins

British company Creative Coffins makes eco-friendly, cartonboard coffins to order. You can personalize your carton-casket or choose from any number of their own designs. Here are but a few of the tasteful selections in which you will spend the rest of eternity. Yes, number four is a Dr. Who coffin.

The Coolest Kids Get Book Beds

My parents were not as cool as Yusuke Suzuki, who made an awesome book shaped bed for children! One "page" is for play, and one page is for sleep! So jealous of these kids.

Sexy Sagan

The Tumblr Can't You Read has created a meme called Sexy Sagan, transforming Carl Sagan quotes into a cosmos of corny astronomical pick up lines. Girl, how about you and I make like Jodie Foster and engage in some Contact?

DIY Steve Buscemi Eyes

Why should unsuspecting actresses and people with Photoshop get to have all the fun? Thanks to Alex Pardee you only need the help of a printer to add Steve Buscemi's signature ocular look to anything your heart desires.

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