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April 11, 2011

Gorgeous Homosexual Sofa For Sale

A cute Craigslist ad from Austin attempting to sell Joepha The Gay Sofa. Joepha enjoys sunbathing and Lady Gaga. Won't you please give him a good home?

Terrifying New Tsunami Footage

One month after the Japanese earthquake and tsunami, new video shows villagers in Iwaki City fleeing from the wave.

George Takei Ringtone

George Takei has an awesome new ringtone out. All proceeds benefit The Old Globe Theater in San Diego.

If Yoda Married An Ewok

Artist Vincent Bocognani imagines the union of Star Wars' two most adorable denizens. An "If they mated" that gives you warm fuzzies.

40 Sad Portraits Of Closed Record Stores

In honor of Record Store Day on Saturday, here's a depressing collection of old record store photos. Don't let the music die, people. Keep the dream alive! Also check out our list of 40 Portraits Of Independent Record Stores Still Open For Business.

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