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April 5, 2011

Amanda Bynes Has Lost Her Dog

Amanda Bynes announced on Twitter that she has lost Little Angel, a 4-month-old Teacup Pomeranian. Let's marshal the troops and help Amanda Bynes find her dog, everybody! She went missing on April 4th in Los Angeles. Here are a few photos to help you with the dragnet. May at least one story in the Godforsaken world have a happy ending! UPDATE: There will be no happy ending in this Godforsaken world...Little Angel has died. Big ups, Little Angel.

Ultimate Zombie Fortress Mania

What's your zombie plan? Don't pretend like you don't have one. When Redditor Mitsjol presented this as the ultimate zombie fortress, little did he realize how seriously we take survival. A compilation of some of the best and weirdest tweaks to this design.

40 Really Awesome Parents

In honor of the My Parents Were Awesome book release, here are 40 pictures of really awesome pictures. Make sure you pick up your copy on Amazon for only $8!

Hiccup Girl Speaks Out: "The Fame Went To My Head"

Hiccup Girl gives her first interview since being charged with murder.

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