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April 1, 2012

Mama's Boy Myth

The myth that a mama's boy is somehow less masculine is complete BS.

10 Of The Best Practical Jokes In Literature

As you may be aware, today is April Fool’s day — and while we won’t be playing any childish pranks here at Flavorpill, we do enjoy a good practical joke or two, especially when said joke is fictional and thus lacking in real-world consequences. Kurt…

Are Book Covers Different For Female And Male Authors?

Wolitzer posits that this is part of the reason that books by women sometimes get ignored by male readers: their feminine covers ”might as well have a hex sign slapped on them, along with the words: “Stay away, men! Go read Cormac ­McCarthy instead!…

Bad Price Tag Placement (20 Photos) :

Best photos of the week (60 Photos)

8 Of The Most Traditional, Classic Wedding Dresses Out There

You gals are going to LOVE these gorgeous wedding dresses. They're especially great for those of you who are not only looking to up the demure elegance of your wedding day, but for those who are in need of a dress to please your conservative relativ…

Charlize Theron Talks In Her Sleep From Charlize Theron And Funny Or Die

Charlize Theron has some really weird opinions about Ryan Seacrest and chocolate cheeseburgers.

Duck Faces From Charlize Theron's Phone From Charlize Theron

You will not believe the amount of duck faces we found on Charlize's phone! Ducks for days! Go ahead, try to deny these are real, Charlize!!!!!!

Boston Bruins Web Video Is The Best Hockey Advertising Ever

Granted, the competition is slim and none. Still, pretty funny.

10 Most Surreal Wrestlemania Moments

Wrestlemania 28 happened last night. It's always been a weird weird night in wrestling; here are the 10 weirdest moments in Wrestlemania history.

Mistakes In Bed

The latest viral buzz from

PICS] Kids Choice Awards Best Dressed 2012

From Kristen Stewart to Selena Gomez, check out who made our Kids' Choice Awards best dressed list & VOTE for who was your fave! The Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards 2012 in LA brought out some of our favorite stars. From Kristen Stewart to Katy Perr…

Women Were Key To Romney's 1994 Defeat

A new USA TODAY/Gallup poll of swing state voters out today finds President Obama leading likely Republican challenger Mitt Romney 51%-42% among registered voters, largely due to a huge gender gap, beating Romney by a 2-1 margin among women voters. In 1994, Romney also found himself in a deficit among women, tying his opponent Ted Kennedy at 49% among men, but losing female voters by 24%.

Selena Gomez – Kids’ Choice Awards 2012

Selena Gomez looks lovely on the orange carpet at the 2012 Kids Choice Awards held at the USC Galen Center in Los Angeles on Saturday afternoon (March 31).

Charlize Theron Stalks Some Dude From Charlize Theron And Funny Or Die

Charlize Theron apparently has a crush on this dude. OK.

Very Maggie Smith: Sex And Sexuality

Butler stays abreast of Maggie Smith's love life.

Charlize's ASPCA Spokesperson Audition Tape From Charlize Theron And Funny Or Die

Charlize makes her own audition tape to replace Sarah McLachlan as ASPCA spokesperson.

Extremely Loud Fashion At The Kids Choice Awards

The colors were bright (probably something having to do with the neon orange carpet) and the assortment of celebrities seemed almost completely random. Enjoy this collection of a weird array of famous people wearing, for the most part, weird clothes.

Zac Efron & Ashley Tisdale – Kids’ Choice Awards 2012

10+ pictures inside of Zac Efron and Ashley Tisdale at the Kids’ Choice Awards…

Game Of Thrones Season 2 Premiere Spoilers [PICS & VIDEO]

Bundle up, kids! The winds of winter are blowing in April 1 when Game of Thrones returns to HBO for its second season, and to prevent your brains from totally exploding during the premiere, is here to cushion the blow with a few te…

6 Prank Gadgets That Only A Sociopath Would Actually Use

Everyone knew that one big kid in school who was constantly playing "pranks" that simply involved physically hurting other people ("You just punched me in the kidneys!" "Ha! Gotcha!"). Well, those kids grow up, and often go their entire lives withou…

Mattel Agrees To Produce Bald Barbie After Viral Facebook Campaign

The Beautiful and Bald Barbie is finally becoming a reality. A bustling Facebook campaign urged toymaker Mattel to create a doll that appeals to kids undergoing cancer treatments or suffering diseases such as Alopecia, and after receiving 150,000 “l…

Ben Flajnik, Courtney Robertson Claim: "We Love Each Other Very Much"

"The thing that people don't know is that when the show was airing we spent a lot of time together, and we were off almost every weekend," Flajnik explained. "We got to know each other really well."

20 Best Finishing Moves Of WWE (20 Photos)

WWF FTW!! Anyone born in the 80's can probably back me up but who the hell are 1/2 of these "wrestlers" haha.. Dolph Ziggler? Sheamus? CM Punk? admit it wrestling went down the shitter ever since it merged with WCW and became the WWE… Long story sho…

Charlize Practices Her Oscar Acceptance Speech From Charlize Theron And Funny Or Die

This found video appears to be Charlize practicing her Oscar win for Best Actress. With a creepy fake statuette she made.

7 Outrageous Hoaxes That Actually Worked

We all think of ourselves as cynics -- other people fall for scams and fraudulent sales pitches, but not us! And in fact, since society has had several thousand years of practice at recognizing con artists, you'd think we'd get pretty good at spotti…

Kickass Funny Photos :

March 30, 2012 | Author: Bob | In: Funny, Hot Women, Top Photos

Is 'Community' Star Chevy Chase Quitting The Show? 'I Probably Won't Be Around That Much Longer'

When the cast of "Community" tweets quotes and anecdotes asking "Pierce or Chevy?," it's not always easy to tell. Just like his "Community" alter ego, Pierce Hawthorne, star Chevy Chase doesn't always know how or when to edit himself.

10 Famous Authors Who Made Unlikely Genre Jumps

One of the best of his hardboiled thrillers, Blood on the Mink, has never appeared in book form or under Silverberg’s real name, and in fact hasn’t appeared in any form whatsoever for half a century. But thanks to the award-winning Hard Case Crime s…

Sittin On Tha Toilet From Charlize Theron And Funny Or Die

I wanna make this Clear so please read this description below: This is not me it is my Friend & Sis (Charlize). Charlize posted a picture of me on Myspace 2 years ago. I told her I would get her back. She uses my flip camera all the time and used i…

Charlize Theron Gets Hacked From Charlize Theron And Funny Or Die

Charlize Theron left her phone in our offices so we decided to hack it.

Family Owned Tire Discounters

Another big win from whoever those people are who make all the funny signs.

WWE WrestleMania 28 Live Streaming: How And Where To Watch The Huge PPV Live

So, you want to watch WWE's WrestleMania 28 pay-per-view event live Sunday night from Sun Life Stadium in Miami? The easiest, most traditional way is to order the pay-per view through your cable company for about $55 in standard definition and $65 f…

Lindsay Lohan Face Morph Video Shows Actress Age Rapidly (VIDEO)

It's been a banner week for Lindsay Lohan. First, it was confirmed that she'll appear as a guest star on "Glee" this spring. Then came her final court hearing Thursday, where she was taken off formal probation.

20 Photos Of Justin Bieber Getting Slimed

Biebs got slimed from every angle alongside Will Smith at last night's Kids Choice Awards. It was pretty glorious.

Jessica Simpson's Top 7 TMI Quotes About Her Pregnancy

The Fashion Star mentor has overshared about her bodily functions, her "unstoppable" sex life, her "swamp ass" and seriously graphic dreams

How Many Minimum-Wage Hours Does It Take To Afford A Decent Life?

This makes clear why there isn't a mass movement to raise the minimum wage—people are too busy working their asses off. Precious few states are considering a change; Massachusetts, for example, is currently in talks to raise its state minimum to $10…

World Exclusive: Jessica Simpson Gives Birth To Octuplets!

More on mom-to-be Jess (non-April Fool's stories): * The Best of Jessica Simpson's TMI Quips About Pregnancy, Including: "Whenever My Water Breaks It Will Be Like a Fire Hydrant" * In My Mind, Jessica Simpson Has Crossed Over From Celebrity to...S…

Dinner Etiquette

A charming still life project by Sonia Rentsch, who puts kitchen utensils to work representing attire suitable for a fine dining.

Watch 130 Simpsons Episodes At Once

Time for some really pointless multi-tasking.

First 1080 On A Skateboard

By a 12-year-old, no less. His name is Tom Schaar, and, sure, this is a mega-ramp, but still - that's a full 1080 degrees more than I can do on a skateboard, and I've had 21 more years to practice it.

Michelle Gets Slimed: First Lady Caught In Green Goo's Line Of Fire At Children's Awards

Perhaps it should have been no surprise when Michelle Obama was splattered with slime at the conclusion of the Kids' Choice Awards, Hollywood's zaniest awards show.

Daily Outfit Idea: Your Casual Friday Look, Solved (With Pieces Already In Your Closet!)

If casual Friday means jeans at the office, you'll want to take a look at this next outfit idea. It's easy, cute, and can be put together with pieces you already own!

Charlize Theron's Kinky Sex Tape From Charlize Theron And Funny Or Die

Never before seen footage of Charlize Theron's weird kinky sex tape.

25 Examples Of Why April Fool's Day On Facebook Is The Worst

April Fool's Day: You're doing it wrong.

Raccoon With A Sock On His Head

Today, we are all this raccoon with a sock on his head.

Insidious Cat Propaganda From Your New Feline Overlords

Cats have begun (or more accurately, continued) their Internet takeover with a series of dangerously persuasive feline propaganda posters over at deviantART. Is this an April Fools prank, or the moment that we have all been secretly dreading? Go here for your mandatory brainwashing.

Adorable Tragedies

Tony Fleecs takes the saddest moments from our collective comic-book past and skillfully cutifies them. Check out the rest of his amazing work here.

Larry King Just Made His Predictions For The 2012 Baseball Season

The King took to Twitter to issue his pronouncements. He likes... Toronto?

Minimalist Doctor Who Posters

These minimalist Doctor Who posters by Karma Orange conjure up beloved characters and moments from doctors 10 and 11 with a single image and a catchphrase.

Keith Olbermann Fired: War With Current Just Getting Started

It was clear from the moment that the fledgling cable news channel announced on Friday that it had "ended" its relationship with Olbermann that this was a particularly nasty breakup. Olbermann is known for acrimonious exits, but even his falling out…

Trayvon Martin Shooting: Voice Experts Claim Teen's Cries, Not Zimmerman's, Can Be Heard On 911 Call

Before George Zimmerman shot Trayvon Martin on February 26, a 911 call recorded the voice of someone screaming. Whether that person was Martin or Zimmerman -- who police say claimed he was attacked by Martin before the fatal incident -- has been an…

Mark Wahlberg Is JACKED!

He's always been known for having ripped muscles, but 40-year-old Mark Wahlberg proved he's bigger, buffer and beefier than ever by going shirtless on the set of his new flick in Miami on Friday. Marky Mark may have lost the Funky Bunch a long time…

The Most Unconventional Movie Theaters In The World

There’s nothing we love more than a good romp beyond ordinary consciousness into the infinite depths of our soul, and the minds behind these unconventional cinematic experiences obviously agree. As imaginative, quirky and sublimely romantic as the f…

Cows Dancing After Being Released From Their Winter Housing

Spring is here! Hence, dancing cows, I guess. Cows are cute, right?

Cute Overload's April Fool's Prank

Cute overload envisions a world where the Huffington Post finally gets with the program and starts giving people the news they really want to hear. Click through for the Nuffington Post in its full glory.

Sneaky Cat Impostor

Sure, these things are adorable, but do you want them infiltrating your home? If it happened to Shironeko, it can happen to you.

NBC Investigating Edited 911 Call From Night Trayvon Martin Died

NBC News said Saturday it is investigating why its Today show broadcast an edited version of the 911 call placed by George Zimmerman the night he shot and killed Florida teenager Trayvon Martin.

Celebrities Hanging Out Together Looks Awesome

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17…

High Profile French Tourism Poster Uses Photo Of African Beach

Sacreblew-it! Ah, the dangers of using cheap stock photography.

Occupy's April Fool's: May 1st General Strike Is Canceled! (It's Not)

Activists tweet that "May Day" is a no-go. It's an April Fool's joke, but others weigh in: "This is actually really smart."

Sarah Palin Is Co-Hosting The Today Show Tuesday

"Ready to reveal a side you haven't seen before." How worried is NBC about losing in the ratings while Katie Couric co-hosts Good Morning America? This worried.

One Direction – Kids’ Choice Awards 2012 Performance!

One Direction walk the orange carpet at the 2012 Kids Choice Awards held at the USC Galen Center in Los Angeles on Saturday afternoon (March 31).

Hot Or Not Rihanna Wears A Blazer As A Dress Photo Yasi's Photos

Let me preface this by saying that as far as I'm concerned, Rihanna can pretty much whatever the heck she wants. She is one bad a** b*tch (all the asterisks ever), and she could probably fashion an outfit out of a pile of garbage and a roll of chick…

Kristen Stewart – Kids’ Choice Awards 2012

Kristen Stewart is beautiful in blue on the orange carpet at the 2012 Kids Choice Awards held at the USC Galen Center in Los Angeles on Saturday afternoon (March 31).

Kids' Choice Awards 2012 Winners -- List

Selena Gomez & more -- Find out who took home the blimps March 31 at the Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards! Did your favorite actors and singers win the

Nintendo Dubstep Experience 3D Preview For Nintendo 3DS From

For the best Previews of Nintendo Dubstep Experience 3D for Nintendo 3DS, check out this page on

The 5 Most Clearly Cursed Expeditions Of All Time

In the early 1500s, the Spanish were nuts about gold in the Americas and were determined to drag as much of it back as their galleons could carry. Alvar Nunez Cabeza de Vaca was an explorer with one hell of a sexy name who set out with 600 men to st…

Why Adele Doesn't Wash Her Hair With Shampoo

"I only wash it with water," she told Glamour in a 2008 interview. "Last night I washed my hair with shampoo for the first time in two months!"

GIF Of The Weekend: The Agony And Ecstasy Of Brandon Jennings All In One Play

Brandon Jennings is one of the most exciting and frustrating players in the NBA. Why? Plays like this.

Kristen Stewart News - Inside Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson's PDA-Filled Date Night (EXCLUSIVE DETAILS)

It’s another date night Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson! On Friday, the couple were spotted out again at Hotel Cafe for a Johnny Flynn concert, but put on their very own PDA-filled show once inside!

Watch Jeremy Lin Talk About The Surgery That Will End His Season

"Once it’s fixed, it’s fixed. It’s a simple surgery. It’s not an end of my career.” There is a chance Lin could return for the playoffs, should the Knicks make it that far and get out of the first round.

Illinois Traffic Stop Of Star Trek Fans Raises Concerns About Drug Searches, Police Dogs, Bad Cops

Last December, filmmaker Terrance Huff and his friend Jon Seaton were returning to Ohio after attending a "Star Trek" convention in St. Louis. As they passed through a small town in Illinois, a police officer, Michael Reichert, pulled Huff's red PT …

Hungry Eyes: New Burger King Ad Features Impressive Hamburger Eye Shadow

Are your eyes bigger than your stomachs, ladies? Well then, Burger King has just the thing for you: Hamburger eyeshadow! According to Jezebel this is a real ad from Burger King Netherlands. We just want to know what makeup genius created this master…

The '90s Revisited From

The latest viral buzz from

If Doctor Who And Harry Potter Played The "Hunger Games"

Check out these fandom GIFs of popular franchises, like "Lord of the Rings" and Harry Potter, as if they were "Hunger Games" districts. Here's an explanation of the district numbers. The sad part is, EVERYONE DIES.

Charlize Theron’s Leaked Cell Phone Pictures Revealed

Charlize Theron’s Leaked Cell Phone Pictures Revealed – Exclusive

Thomas Robinson's Scream Goes To Hollywood

Kansas forward Thomas Robinson threw down this dunk with a scream so epic, we figured it shouldn't be limited to basketball. Who needs a Wilhelm scream if you have a Robinson scream?

Olbermann Out, Spitzer In At Current TV

Once Keith Olbermann worked for MSNBC. Then he left amid a feud with his bosses. Then he signed up to remake Current TV’s news operation. Then he got embroiled in a feud with his bosses (despite ostensibly being one of them). Now, eight months and c…

FIRST PIC: Hilary Duff Debuts Post-Baby Bod In Skin-Tight Leopard Jeans

Clad in skin-tight leopard-print skinny jeans, a blue violet blouse and towering platform sandals, Duff, 24, was all smiles while making her way to a hair salon, sans her and hubby Mike Comrie's newest bundle of joy.

Is The Tea Party Back?

Or was last week's hubbub on the Supreme Court steps just a nostalgia trip. "We've matured into Tea Party 2.0," says Kremer.

Google Maps Quest: Google Releases 8-Bit Version Of Mapping Tool For April Fool's Day (VIDEO)

Google has done it again. Just in time for April Fool's Day, Google has introduced Google Maps Quest, a retro 8-bit version of its mapping tool that is... totally awesome.

"Apple's Earbuds Are Getting Complicated" By Jesse E

My Dads company recently bought all of their employees Blackberry Torches. For the past month he has been getting used to having a touch screen phone. Today, I called him into my room to watch a video online. Afterwards, he said he had a video to sh…

Justin Bieber Punk'd Taylor Swift

After all the pranks he's pulled, Punk'd creator Ashton Kutcher can no longer be the one acting like your annoying big brother. If you were his celebrity pal, wouldn't you expect to have your car "stolen" or your movie trailer "destroyed"?

Daily Outfit Idea: A Casual Weekend Look (With Lace!) To Steal From Ashley Madekwe

Gorgeous Revenge actress Ashley Madekwe attended this week's star-studded celebration at the opening of Valentino's Beverly Hills flagship on Rodeo Drive.

Rick Pitino's Incomprehensible Post-Game Metaphor

Wait, what now? What about the Olympics?

2012 NFL Mock Draft: Predicting All 7 Rounds

Now that the NFL has released the complete order for the 2012 NFL draft , it's mock draft time. All seven rounds, 253 picks right here. Andrew Luck is going No. 1 to the Indianapolis Colts, and Robert Griffin is going No...

Spc. Dennis Weichel Dead: U.S. Soldier Dad Of 3 Kids Dies Saving Afghan Girl

Flags were lowered at half staff in Providence, R.I. for a soldier who died saving an Afghan girl.

Raspberry Ketone: Dr. Oz Touts 'Miracle' Weight Loss Supplement, But Is It Real?

UPDATED 3/30 12:30 p.m. ET: Supplement companies are scrambling to release a new weight-loss aid called red raspberry ketone. Just today, Pure Health released a 400 mg capsule. Their timing couldn't have been better: Dr. Mehmet Oz touted the aromati…

Chuck The Dog Welcomes Home Soldier (VIDEO)

Surprise homecomings rock, but they're even better when they involve an adorable puppy. All it takes is two words to make Chuck's life complete: "Daddy's home."

Trayvon Martin Case: George Zimmerman Was 'Jekyll And Hyde,' Former Co-Worker Says

In a week of leaked high school disciplinary records, police reports and police station surveillance video in the war over public perception of Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman, more details have emerged about Zimmerman’s history of violence. Zim…

Mitch Hedberg Jokes For Everyday Situations (PHOTOS)

It's hard to believe that it has been 7 years since Mitch Hedberg tragically passed away. Hedberg was one of the most distinctive stand-ups of his generation, with a style and delivery that are almost impossible to replicate. He was just 37 when he …

"25 Things CollegeHumor Would Do If We Hit The MegaMiIllion" By CH Staff

Today, after pooling all our lunch money together to buy tickets, we had an important meeting to discuss how we would spend our 640 Million dollars when we inevitably win the lottery tonight. Here are our top picks:

Honest Twilight Trailer

I liked Twilight before I watched this.

Shady Company Offers Fake Yelp Reviews For $495

Phony online reviews are a cancer on sites like Yelp. Generally unstoppable — despite Yelp's claims that its filter is effective — the deception undermines the legitimacy and credibility of all the reviews. And producing fake reviews is a seriously…

The 25 Most Anticipated Restaurant Openings Of 2012

We're about four months into 2012, and it's time to check in on the 25 most anticipated restaurant openings in the U.S. for the forthcoming year. Well, at least the projects that have been announced to-date. There's Paul Qui's heavily rumored first …

A Guy Says: Justin Bieber Is Going Down A Dangerous Path

Then, as the adage goes, the lord’s takingeth away.  I am, of course, referring to Justin Bieber.  Bieber’s been unchained.  He’s bouncing off the walls this week.  You might be saying, “Harry, you’re so right.”  Well, thank you.  You didn’t have to…

First 1080 On A Skateboard

Tom Schaar is the first person to land a 1080 on a skateboard ramp. He's only 12. It was on a MegaRamp, but still. (thx, meg)

The Restless Life Of Margaret Wise Brown, Author Of Goodnight Moon.

For all the years that I had been reading Goodnight Moon to some child or another, I had been picturing its author as a plump, maternal presence, someone like the quiet old lady in the rocking chair whispering, “Hush,” and so I was surprised to see,…

Welcome Home Soldier! Dog Goes Crazy When He Sees His Master Return After Eight Months Away¿ AGAIN

Chuck the boxer is fast becoming an internet star after the second video of him ecstatically greeting his soldier owner becomes a YouTube hit. 

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Covers ‘Vogue Brazil’

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley takes the cover of Vogue Brazil‘s April 2012 issue.

Dev & Enrique Iglesias: ‘Naked’ Video Premiere!

Check out the video premiere of Dev‘s latest single “Naked” featuring Enrique Iglesias!

Karl Lagerfeld Says Oleg Cassini Knocked Off That Pink ‘Chanel’ Suit Jackie Kennedy Wore The Day JFK Was Assassinated

The pink bouclé suit Jackie Kennedy wore in Dallas on November 22, 1963 has become a part of history–it’s what she was wearing the day her husband, President John F. Kennedy, was assassinated. According to biographer William Manchester’s account of …

Cocaine Found In Whitney Houston's Hotel Room

Authorities recovered cocaine in the hotel room where Whitney Houston died ... TMZ has learned. As for the quantity of cocaine that was found, official documents show one of the items police recovered was "white, powdery remnants." Sources tell us …

I Hope Courtney Stodden’s Using The Proper SPF

Here’s Courtney Stodden lotioning up her fake, pretend-teenage breasts in Malibu this week which is important news because melanoma is serious business and I’ve always thought of The Superficial as a health blog. Also, this set had this picture and …

Italy Introduces "Picnic" Jeans You Can Eat Off Of

For many, drop-crotch pants are a little too outre. Now, an Italian brand called Acquacalda has decided to go and make them practical (for lack of a better word) but no less bizarre. Hence: the pic-nic pant, which promises to “take advantage of the …

A Selection Of Music’s Weirdest Lyrical Obsessions

The vast majority of music is written around some pretty well-worn lyrical themes: love, unrequited love, sex, unrequited lust, etc. But what of other, less obvious subject matter? Some of our finest lyricists (and, um, some of our less fine lyricis…

10 Great Hockey Scenes In Movies

It has been quite a few years since a really good, fun hockey movie has hit theaters here in the US. That’s about to change on Friday when Michael Dowse’s Goon — which currently has a 79% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes — comes to the big screen.…

Should We Give ‘The Killing’ Another Chance?

Despite the fact that showrunner Veena Sud populated Seattle with a troupe of deeply unstable, often violent people who nonetheless did not, apparently, kill Rosie Larsen, The Killing still could have been worth watching if Linden and Holder were we…

Apple-Guessing: New MacBook Pro 13-Inch Wanted More Than 15-Inch Model?

Apple’s decided you really, really want one of its new 13.3-inch MacBook Pros — more so than one of its new 15-inch models, and so it’s ordered many more of the former than the latter as it ramps up production for a spring/summer release window. So …

Cecile Richards - The 2012 TIME 100 Poll

Cast your votes for the leaders, artists, innovators, icons and heroes that you think are the most influential people in the world. Official voting ends on Friday, April 6, and the poll winner will be included in the TIME 100 issue. The complete TI…

Shakira - The 2012 TIME 100 Poll

Cast your votes for the leaders, artists, innovators, icons and heroes that you think are the most influential people in the world. Official voting ends on Friday, April 6, and the poll winner will be included in the TIME 100 issue. The complete TI…

'Bachelor' Ben Flajnik & Courtney Robertson Are 'Happy' Together (Photo)

We spotted "Bachelor" Ben Flajnik and fiance Courtney Robertson attending a reality television event in Los Angeles on Friday night. The couple held hands as they walked around the venue.

James Van Der Beek: ‘Who Doesn’t Love BJs?”

As we discussed earlier this week, “Don’t Trust the B—- in Apt. 23″ begins on April 11th. The bad news? The next episode of “Happy Endings” will be the last of the season (and, again, it’s going without a fresh episode of “Modern Family” as a lead-i…

GOOD Pictures: Ryan Pfluger's Portraits In The Park

Ryan Pfluger is a photographer living and working in Brooklyn. His ongoing Portraits in the Park series is a collection of simple yet alluring portraits of strangers, friends, and acquaintances shot in public parks around New York City. Pfluger has …

Celeb Makeup Artist Mally Roncal On Beauty

Celebrity makeup artist Mally Roncal is probably best known for beautifying megastars like Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez, and Rihanna. Notice a pattern here? Mally makes her clients glow. I met up with Mally (who might be the sweetest, most fun woman in t…

Check Out This Amazing Hamburger Eyeshadow—From A Dutch Burger King Ad!

In the race to sell more burgers, Burger King Netherlands has adopted a new ad strategy—hamburger makeup! Check out this amazing burger eyeshadow, which appears in an ad for BK slugged with the slogan, "Get a Tasty New Look."

The Funniest Examples Of The Bad Luck Brian Meme From Memes!

If it wasn't bad luck, Brian wouldn't shit himself at all... Most of these come from Know Your Meme ( and Quickmeme (

Final Four GIF-A-Thon: No Seriously, Anthony Davis Isn't Human

As Kentucky put the nail in Louisville's coffin, Anthony Davis decided to jump out of the gym. Holy crap.

Creepy Gray-Haired Secret Agent Videobombs Rick Pitino

Be wary of him. He goes to Final Four games, stands behind coaches, and signals his dastardly plans with his eyes. We're already doomed.

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