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April 27, 2012

38 Klouchiest Celebrites On Twitter is a new Twitter rating system similar to Klout, but instead of "influence" it determines how annoying your Tweets are. The higher the score, the worse you are: it rates based on anger, retweet abuse, sending social media apps like Foursquare to your Twitter, and English language misuse.

Best Dads On The Internet

BuzzFeed's Matt Stopera talks to HLN's Christi Paul about the internet's most awesome dads. I love that Christi posted the Bohemian Rhapsody video on her Facebook this morning — she totally gets it.

22 Biggest Klouchebags On Twitter: Beltway Edition!

We plugged some of DC's biggest pundits, journalists, and politicos into Klouchebag to find the worst social media sinners. The program tabulates a given person's Twitter misdeeds — bad english, excessive social app use, retweet abuse, and anger/profanity — and pops out a score and a label. (With a score of 30, this reporter was dubbed "a bit of a prat.")

Awesome Gif Of The Space Shuttle Going Over New York City

Props to Kevin on Tumblr for making this sweet gif. Can't stop watching.

44 Times Betsey Johnson Was Happier Than She Probably Is Today

Today, Betsey Johnson, LLC filed for bankruptcy and announced plans to shut down all of its stores, leaving the 350 employees who work there jobless. Let's reflect on happier times.

Forbes' 15 Richest Fictional Characters

Forbes recently did its annual roundup of the 15 wealthiest fictional characters. Check out who tops the list. (via

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