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April 9, 2012

Old People Posting On Chain Restaurants' Facebook Pages

This new Tumblr is just ramping up, you guys. Old senile people are so cute.

The Straight Liberation Movement

Some dude on Facebook started a group called the Straight Liberation Movement. Apparently the've held one meeting in San Francisco so far.

13 Awesome Vintage Photos Of Hillary Clinton

The internet's been going wild for some great photos of Hillary Clinton, birthing a meme and everything. Here are some great shots from childhood to just before her days in the White House for you to start NEW memes with.

Before Buying Instagram, Facebook Planned To Destroy It

Instagram's billion dollar payday is great for the sub-20-employee company. But it's worth remembering that, not so long ago, Facebook almost released an Instagram clone.

World's Smallest Puppy Appears On Morning TV

That little Beyonce pup is just TOO CUTE! And yet, somehow, Kathie Lee manages to make it all about dog penis. Still: CUTE!

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