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April 11, 2012

Ridiculously Photogenic Puppy

This meme riff was pretty inevitable. Next there will be a video of "Sh*t that Ridiculously Photogenic People Say," if it doesn't exist already.

Gorgeous Olde Timey Portraits Of Dogs

These glorious canine portraits by Winnie Au are part of her Canine Chronicles Book. Check them out and tell me which one you identify with the most.

A Simple Guide To Dude Crotch Waxing

Brazilian waxing is hardly a ladies-only pastime. The media — most recently the New York Times — loves to freak out about brozilians, manzilians and even pe-jazzling. Here are the treatments you should know about.

Old People Writing On A Restaurant's Facebook Page

This Tumblr is pure gold. Old People Writing On A Restaurant's Facebook Page collects the agony and the ecstasy of chain restaurant patrons of a certain age who may not entirely grasp how the internet works.

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