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April 2, 2012

Lana Del Rey Lulls Your Baby To Sleep

So this exists. I like the idea of lulling little baby to sleep with an album called "Born to DIE."

Horrifying Kickstarter To Fund Robot Monkey

Have we not learned anything about creating super-smart apes? This Kickstarter is raising money for an app that would enable scientists to talk to bonobo monkeys. This somehow involves building a grotesque monkey robot head.

As Florida House Speaker, Marco Rubio Voiced Support For Emissions Caps

Florida Senator Marco Rubio is considered a likely Republican Vice Presidential nominee. But Rubio's past carries some positions now decried by the right. In 2008, as Speaker of the Florida House of Representatives, Rubio presided over a vote directing the Florida Department of Environmental Protection to create rules for limiting carbon emissions. In 2007, Rubio delivered this speech on energy, where he said "this nation and ultimately the world, are heading towards emissions caps," adding Florida could become the "Silicon Valley" of green energy. Update This was not as strong as the federal legislation known a "cap and trade" and a Rubio spokesman emails this 2007 op-ed in which the then House Speaker cites opposition to cap and trade legislation."

Everybody Wants Hillary Clinton To Run For President In 2016

The chatter started by Senator Kirsten Gillibrand is beginning sound a bit like the beginning of something. Here's what six key figures, and also Donald Trump, have to say.

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