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April 6, 2012

75 Best Supporting Actresses

Youtube user THEDOOMSDAYDIARIES made a video imitating 75 best supporting Oscar actresses in less than 6 minutes. This guy is incredible. WOW.

Leaked: Tim Tebow's Really, Really Scared Of New York City

BuzzFeed Sports has obtained a copy of the Easter sermon Tim Tebow will preach at Celebration Church in Texas this weekend. Turns out, he and New York are NOT getting along. Thanks to our totally real, authentic tipster who definitely exists!*

How To Take The Perfect Vertigo Photo

Dennis Maitland's 'Life on the Edge' photos are intensely beautiful, but also kind of make you want to throw up. Maitland explains how to take the perfect puke shot.

33 Celebrities With Their Cameras

Celebrity Camera Club is a Tumblr dedicated to finding celebrities snapping photos. Here's a look at some of your favorite celebs getting behind the camera. (via

The Happiest Dog Under The Rainbow

Joey Pfiefer claims that this is the best photo he's ever taken and I believe him.

Nyan Cat Turns One Year Old, Throws Boozy Birthday Party

And fortunately BuzzFeed was invited. The Pop Tarted internet sensation debuted a year ago, and 21st Street Games — publishers of Nyan Cat Adventure — threw a brightly colored soiree. The guest of honor was Nyan Cat creator Chris Torres, whose iconic animation was originally Youtubed on April 5th, 2011.

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