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October 1, 2014

Ferguson Grand Jury Being Investigated For Possible Misconduct

A woman claimed on Twitter to have spoken with a member of the grand jury about whether officer Darren Wilson should face criminal charges for shooting Michael Brown.

51 Things You Probably Didn't Know About "Grey's Anatomy"

Because there's more to the ABC hit drama than knowing how to do an appendectomy from start to finish.

Where Should You Actually Live In The USA?

Get in a United State of mind!

Before You Start Dating Vs. After You Break Up

Tis better to have loved and lost.... BLA BLA BLA, etc

Will You Regret It?

A quiz for the youths. May this be your guide.

7 Disney Villains That Schooled Elsa In Fabulosity

Sure, there will be a ton of ELSA (Disney's "Frozen") costumes this Halloween. But this ice queen clearly got her inspiration from the professionals: The Disney Villains.

21 Things You Realize When You Visit Scandinavia

Prepare for seafood, hot people, and drinking.

8 Reasons To Play Video Games

Now, all you have to do is convince your parents…

Los 14 lugares más espeluznantes para visitar en los Estados Unidos

Para cualquiera cuyos intereses tienden a lo mórbido.

Can You Guess The Pop Diva Based Off The Snapchat?

May the Holy Spearit be with you.

27 Kitchen Criminals That Cannot Be Forgiven

Betty Crocker is off her rocker.

15 Times Tinder Failed So Hard It Just Failed

Maybe everyone should just stop dating?

Let Broadway's Carole King Serenade You With The "Gilmore Girls" Theme

Jessie Mueller, the Tony Award-winning star of Beautiful: The Carole King Musical performs "Where You Lead" exclusively for BuzzFeed with guitarist Dillon Kondor. Happy Gilmore Girls on Netflix Day!

Antiwar Activists, 9/11 Truthers Gather In Tehran For Anti-Zionist Conference

Everyone from Code Pink's Medea Benjamin to French comedian Dieudonné M'bala M'bala.

18 Baby Bump Costumes That'll Make You Wish You Were Pregnant

Not really. But props to these ladies for these great ideas!

TN Democratic Senate Candidate: Campaign Plagiarism "Laughable Situation," Report A "Hatchet Job"

"We've adopted ideas from people as diverse from Rand Paul to Elizabeth Warren."

Life For Regular People Vs. Life For Dog People

Let's be honest, we already know which one is better.

Despite $16.7 Billion Settlement, Bank Of America's CEO Moynihan Elected Chairman

Now all but one megabank has its CEO also serving as chairman.

22 Sentences That Will Truly Annoy L.A. Natives

Kale. Stop talking about Kale.

13 Instagrams From The Marvel Universe

Because before you save the universe, you should probably take a selfie.

Drunk Dudes Talk About Their Cats

"Look at his fluffy-ass belly."

13 Eye-Opening Confessions From Men In Abusive Relationships

With Domestic Violence Awareness Month in October, a look at what some men who say they are victims of abuse have posted on the anonymous sharing app Whisper. Warning: Graphic content.

13 Things For History Lovers To Do Online When They're Bored

Help out historians by volunteering to transcribe old documents online. Here are some fun projects to work on.

The 14 Best Places To See Fall Foliage In The U.S.

Let these pups lead the way to some quality scenery.

4 Easy Steps To Brighten Your Day

Hint: it involves a cute corgi.

19 illusions qui vont vous faire perdre la tête

Des GIFs renversants trouvés sur Reddit.

How Big Of A "Scandal" Fan Are You?

Prove that you're a REAL gladiator.

29 imagens que resumem perfeitamente a sua relação com a sua mãe

21. Quando ela começa a dançar na sua frente.

12 photos sublimes de la Norvège en automne

Le photographe de Reuters Yannis Behrakis a exploré la Norvège pour produire cette série magnifique.

11 Diseases That Are Way Worse Than Ebola

Ebola has landed stateside, which has scared the pants off of Americans all across the country. So it is important that now, more than ever, we remember the time tested saying, "Honey-child, it could always be worse."

Joe Manganiello Is Filming "Magic Mike 2" Shirtless

If you're into that. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

27 Magical Times "Hocus Pocus" Cast A Spell On You

Can you believe it's been 21 years since this movie was released?

Is This A Cocktail Or A Sex Act?

Drink in the dirty.

Uber's Fleet Partnerships Might Be Undercutting Uber's Promise To Drivers

Companies can rent their older cars out to aspiring Uber drivers, but the costs might not add up. "The [Uber] rates are so cheap ... and the commission and gas is too high," one driver tells BuzzFeed News' Johana Bhuiyan.

27 Reasons Why Boston Will Always Be Home

"Sweeeeeeeeet Caroline..."

21 Times The Midwest Got It So Wrong It Was Right

Midwest isn't always the best.

Tired Girl

This is a comic based on the thoughts I have when I'm really tired.

This Guy Bought A GoPro Just To Realize That His Life Was Not As Exciting As The Commercials

A friendly reminder that your life won't immediately become awesome just because you own a GoPro.

La manera en que comes en Instagram versus la manera en que comes en la vida real

Chicos, ¿podrían aguantarse las ganas de comer eso mientras me paso 45 minutos ajustando la iluminación?

A Baby And Her Dad Flexing In The Mirror Is The Cutest Thing You'll See Today

Baby Hadley has clearly got protein in her formula.

Australians Taste Test American Sweets

“I hope that’s it otherwise I’m getting diabetes from all the sh*t I’ve just eaten from your country.”

25 Incredibly Creepy Things Everyone Does

We all have a creepy side.

31 WTF Sexy Men's Halloween Costumes

Yes, they exist. They probably shouldn't.

Florida Man Convicted Of First-Degree Murder For Killing Black Teen In Loud Music Dispute

Michael Dunn, 47, will be sentenced to life in prison for the November 2012 fatal shooting of 17-year-old Jordan Davis.

26 Reasons Why Having Dimples Is The Cutest Deformity Ever

Those of us who are born with dimples, are part of a secret society that have been placed on earth to bring joy to all.

22 sinais de que você está indo muito bem na vida

Às vezes você é um introvertido. E em outras você é um extrovertido.

47 fatos surpreendentes sobre animais

Você sabia que alguns animais têm pênis ou vaginas múltiplos? !

When TV's Greatest Showrunners Make Mediocre Movies

The Sopranos' David Chase and Mad Men's Matthew Weiner have both struggled in their recent big screen ventures. Maybe TV and film aren't so similar after all?

10 Reasons Kristoff From Frozen Would Make The Perfect Boyfriend

"Reindeers are better than people"... except Kristoff

This Is What Happens When Your Book Gets The "Colbert Bump"

Edan Lepucki, author of California, and Stephan Eirik Clark, author of Sweetness #9, reflect on being supported by Stephen Colbert and other surprises in publishing.

It's Time Loud Chewers Were Banished To The Ends Of The Earth

Food is meant to be swallowed, not heard.

13 Reasons To Forget The Gym And Run Outside Instead

(Not counting the three slices of pizza you ate last night.)

That Time Rory Gilmore Had A Cameo In Wes Anderson's "Rushmore"

Can you imagine a Wes Anderson Universe/Gilmore Girls crossover though?

15 Times Google Scholar Went A Little Too Far

For the academic in us all.

11 Elvis Songs Used To Describe Prison "Romance"

When the jailhouse is rockin', don't come a knockin'.

Muslim Pilgrims Are Taking "Hajj Selfies" And Clerics Are Not Happy

Clerics are reportedly condemning the latest "selfie fever" at Islam's holiest sites.

How Much Do You Love Fall?

On a scale of one to gourd-tastic.

Secret Service Director Resigns Amid Mounting Criticism

Julia Pierson will be replaced by Joseph Clancy, a retired director of the Secret Service's presidential protection division.

10 Cunning Strategies Every Small Child Knows

Always a (baby) step ahead.

Missing Texas Girl Found Alive In Mexico 12 Years After Being Abducted

Sabrina Allen was 4 years old when she went missing in April 2002.

19 datos sobre la ovulación que podrían sorprenderte

¿Sabías que cuando las mujeres ovulan, sus orejas son más simétricas? ¡Es verdad!

Federal Court Blocks Part Of North Carolina Voting Law

An appeals court panel ruled 2-1 that a provision eliminating same-day voter registration and one eliminating the counting of ballots cast on election day outside of a person's home precinct could disenfranchise black voters.

36 Facts That You Probably Didn't Know About "Tetris"

It was announced this week that Threshold Entertainment (whose CEO is best known for his 1995 big screen adaptation of “Mortal Kombat”) is making a Tetris movie. Believe it or not, this isn’t the craziest thing to ever happen to the iconic puzzle game.

The Problem With All This "Basic" Business

Give it a rest already, internets.

Woman Proposes To Her Girlfriend On Brooklyn Bridge, Drops The Ring

One Canadian couple learned this lesson the hard way, thankfully with a very happy ending.

Facebook Apologizes To LGBT Community, Promises Changes To "Real Names" Policy

In a Facebook post, the company's chief product officer apologized to "the affected community of drag queens, drag kings, transgender, and extensive community of our friends, neighbors, and members of the LGBT community."

Exclusive: Olive Garden Server Representing Restaurant's Employees Says "Things Need To Change"

As the heated battle between Darden Restaurants and hedge fund Starboard Value comes to a head, an Olive Garden employee representing the restaurant's workers spoke exclusively to BuzzFeed News about what life at the chain is really like. "There are things that need to change."

Estas personas ebrias creen que pueden bailar

¡OH DIOS MÍO! ¡¡Están tocando mi canción!!

14 Of The Thirstiest "Doctor Who" Fans

The Doctor is bae. And the thirst is real.

17 Toy Stores That Will Change Your Kids' Lives

Your kids want to go to there.

9 Facts Way Too Weird For Science Class

Astronauts fart... like, a lot.

13 Things That Happened When Lil Bub Took Over The ASPCA

When Bub comes to town, everything gets infinitely better.

If "Gilmore Girls" Actually Happened In Real Life

Stars Hollow, everyone's favorite fictional town, is actually based on a real small town in Connecticut. And it's just as charming and beautiful.

9 Cosas que podrían matarte antes que el virus del Ébola

Acorde la Organización Mundial de la Salud (OMS) ha habido 3,083 muertes causadas por el virus del Ébola este año. Pero honestamente, debes temerle más a los mosquitos.

Forever A Child: Find Out How Lego Turn A Real World Vehicle Into A Miniature Toy Version

Chances are, if you were a bit of a nerdy kid you got into Lego Technic. Chances are you’re probably still into it as an adult. One of the best things there has always been about Lego was to use your imagination to it’s limits as you tried to create mini replicas of you favorite cars, trucks, diggers, trains, planes, and well, pretty much anything that floated your boat as a kid, even if the end result looked nothing like the original. Things have come a long way since those days with an amazing approach to detail, workings and reconstruction of the real thing and you’ll find out in this video just how much workthat goes behind the design of a Lego Technic 42030 Volvo L350F Wheel Loader, it’s very appealing. To create the toy version of this real world piece of construction equipment the design team went to meticulously-detailed lengths. The result is a complex, remote-controlled model which replicates all the features of the actual L350F, the largest of Volvo’s wheel loaders.

10 Weird Scented Candles That Totally Exist

When you want to make a room smell like cinnamon and burn something at the same time, scented candles are perfect. But modern science has allowed candle makers to run amok, and these 10 real scents prove it.

31 Pictures Of Baby Animals To Remind You The World Is Wonderful

We have a planet full of baby animals, so you should never be TOO sad.

Meet Victo :: The Next Generation Of SSD Cards Has Arrived—And It Can Turn Into A Robot?

Get Will Smith on the phone quick because I, Robot has just taken one step closer to becoming reality, the next gen of SSD cards has arrived and, according to this video, it can turn into a robot, travel the world at incredible speeds and charm the pants of any woman. But maybe those last three should be taken with a pinch of salt. Oh yeah, it can also run your computer pretty damn fast as well, but that doesn’t seem a biggie for the new Samsung 850 Pro. Introducing Victo the robot, powered by SSD 850 PRO with 3D V-NAND, the first SSD available to the consumer that uses Samsung’s 3D V-NAND technology, which stacks memory cells vertically. What does that mean? Well it means you get greater capacity, speed, endurance, and more effective power usage. So if you are looking for an ultra-fast computer and something that might start making a play for your girlfriend when you are not around then this could be what you need.

17 cosas que hacer mientras la gente está cantándote "Feliz Cumpleaños"

Los aterradores veinte segundos que llegan cada año, y en los que seguimos sin saber qué hacer.

Far-Right Conference Goes Underground After Hungarian Government Crackdown

"Our conference has been under attack by the forces of liberal tolerance," organizer Richard Spencer told BuzzFeed News.

21 Things Every Hopeless Romantic Knows To Be True

As told by Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas.

25 Things You'll See In Every Mexican Kitchen

The place where awesome and delicioso happens.

Hedge Fund Touts Short Selling As "Humanitarian Aid For Rich People"

The fund, Kerrisdale Capital, will be be making a presentation on a "multibillion-dollar" company that "should be worth zero."

20 Números mareantes de la liga española

Cierra la boca del asombro. El fútbol es mucho más que dar pataditas a un balón. Numerología para asustar.

25 Things Only Broke College Students Understand

*sells kidney to buy textbooks*

The Genes That Make Monarch Butterflies Basically Superheroes

Scientists have sequenced the genomes of 101 monarch butterflies to find the secret to their thousand-mile migration.

Ebola Patient Told Texas Hospital He Was From Liberia, Was Still Sent Home

Texas Gov. Perry said this "case is serious" but the system is working as it should. The hospital said doctors first identified the patient's symptoms as low-grade viral fever and sent him home.

A Helpful Guide To Using Social Media

An inside look at how Twitter, Instagram, and other social media channels are being used today.

Watch The Super Creepy "AHS: Freak Show" Opening Credits

Attention clowns: Come out, come out, wherever you are!

Photos From The Free Eye Clinic In Bangladesh Giving Sight To The Trans Community

The Fred Hollows Foundation recently organized the first free eye clinic aimed at the transgender community in Comilla, eastern Bangladesh.

College Republicans Make "Say Yes To The Dress" Parodies For Bunch Of Governor Races

"It’s our goal to start the conversation by presenting ourselves in a culturally relevant way," College Republican National Committee chair Alex Smith told the Wall Street Journal.

18 Pieces Of Unsolicited Advice You Will Get After A Breakup

Hey, do you remember when I asked you for your two cents? 'Cause I sure as hell don't.

17 Facts That Will Make You Love Rats Even More

Just goes to show that they're the greatest pets ever.

39 Science Fiction, Fantasy And Horror Books To Pick Up In October

It's October already? Time does fly when you're caught up in a good book. Here's a selection of the books due out in October (and a couple from late September) that have caught our eyes!

The Struggle Of Being Liberal In The South

I can't be the only one... right?

29 momentos incómodos que inevitablemente suceden en el trabajo

Los momentos incómodos en el trabajo que no te matan te hacen más fuerte.

Weird Things Only BFFs Do

Besties for the resties... Of your life. You get it.

18 Things That Inevitably Happen When You First Move To London

Welcome to the land of excessive rainfall.

31 Reasons It's Good To Be A Female Country Fan

Because Luke Bryan's ass, mainly.

Wisconsin Gubernatorial Race Features Dueling Plagiarism Ads

In August, Wisconsin lost 4,300 jobs. That's why in September, Scott Walker is attacking my jobs plan, saying it takes ideas from other states. Well, of course it does..."

How To Defeat An Evil Wizard: A GIFtastic Love Story

Digital artist Evan Anthony created an animated GIF story about a boy and girl who fall in love. When an evil wizard casts a spell to stop time, they have to use their combined powers to restart the clock!

A Mom Followed Her Daughter With A Camera To Teach Her Not To Play Hooky

“You thought it was cute to ditch with your friends. Now let's see how cute you think it is to sit with mom during class.”

11 Mujeres que se creen modelos en los momentos menos adecuados

Ellas están posando bien sexy "pal' Facebook".

Quão mal-humorado você é?

Bom dia por quê?

Let's Make "Boink!" The New "Can't Even"

The world is poised for a new expression. So if we're smart about this whole "Boink!" thing, there's a real opportunity. We can be partners!

What Type Of Monster Do You Attract?

They could be under the bed right this minute! Sooo romantic.

13 Russian Nouveau Riche Hacks That Will Change The Way You Treat Your Servants

"Etiquette is the weapon of an experienced commander of the house and the serving staff are her army."

Relax, There Isn't A Zombie Outbreak In Motherwell

A spoof Motherwell Times story is one of the paper's most popular articles since the death of Margaret Thatcher. But no one would tell BuzzFeed News what to do if we encounter an actual zombie.

19 Times Wednesday Addams Was A Total Misandrist

If there's a god, she's pleased.

26 Reasons "The Mindy Project's" Peter Prentice Is Basically Perfect

"As you can see right there, I am Dartmouth undergrad and Dartmouth medical, so I have double Ds."

This Dog Had A Miraculous Recovery After Falling Into A Tar Pit

The poor pooch was stuck to the ground before being freed.

The Knitwear On "Outlander" Is Possibly The Best Part Of The Show

Which, for a sexy-as-heck, well-acted time-travel adventure that takes place in beautiful 18th century Scotland, is really saying something.

Source: Obama Speech Will Emphasize To Latinos That Immigration Action Is Coming

UPDATED (4:18 p.m.): A White House official told BuzzFeed News that the president's remarks do not include a reference to waiting "40 days."

32 Anti-jokes You’ll Laugh At Despite Yourself

Why was 6 afraid of 7? Numbers are abstract symbols. They’re not capable of feeling emotions.

How Many Of These Extremely Specific Fears Do You Have?

Because who says you CAN'T get sucked down the drain?

30 formas de ganhar tempo no seu dia sem fazer nenhum esforço

Lembre sempre dos três C antes de sair: Carteira, Chave e Celular.

What We're Doing To Keep Building A Diverse Editorial Operation

I sent this email to BuzzFeed's editorial staff this morning.

47 datos sorprendentes sobre animales

¡¿Sabías que algunos animales tienen varios penes o vaginas?!

15 Tumblr Posts That Accurately Describe The Struggles Of School

Procrastination + No Sleep = An Education?

Facebook Requires LGBT People To Use Real Names Even In Countries Where Homosexuality Is A Crime

As news comes that police are targeting LGBT people through Facebook in countries like Egypt, a Facebook spokesperson tells BuzzFeed News the "real name" policy applies to Facebook users everywhere.

13 “Friends” Book Titles That Should Actually Exist

The Central Perks of Being a Wallflower. Inspired by #FriendsBookTitles.

How Many World Capitals Can You Identify From Just One Picture?

You only get one shot to prove how much you know about the cities of the world.

Russia Suspends U.S. Exchange Program, Claiming Student Was Illegally Adopted By Same-Sex Couple

The U.S. agency administering the exchange program confirmed to BuzzFeed News that one student did not return to Russia.

26 choses que tous les acrobates et passioné(e)s de cirque comprendront

Que vous soyez un adepte du ruban ou du trapèze, vous n'avez pas besoin de faire partie du Cirque du Soleil pour savoir que le cirque, ça fait mal.

This Newspaper Has Published One Of The Most Confusing Horoscopes Of All Time

Wait, does this mean horoscopes might not be 100% accurate?

Emily Gilmore Vs. Lucille Bluth: A Six Bracket Battle

In the land of the rich, drunk and passive aggressive, who is queen?

Miles Teller Drums With The Roots On "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon"

He put his self-taught skills to the test with the legendary Roots crew for a late night jam sesh.

17 Reasons You Should Stop What You're Doing And Watch "Transparent" Right Now

If you're not watching Amazon's touching original series, there's just no hope for you.

31 preuves que les chats sont des durs au cœur tendre

Les chats essayent de vous faire croire qu'ils ont un sale caractère, mais la vérité, c'est que ce sont de gros tendres.

31 Delicious Things To Cook In October

Time to get back to your roots.

12 Stunning Images Of Beautiful Norway In The Fall

Reuters photographer Yannis Behrakis explored Norway to create this wonderful group of images, ranging from roads and lakes to light trails.

How Well Do You Know Imperial Units?

David Cameron prefers pounds and ounces to the metric system. But do you know your furlong from your nautical mile?

When Battered Women Are Treated As Criminals

A preview of an upcoming BuzzFeed News investigation. Update: The investigation has been published — read it here.

Premiere: Niia's "Body" Is A Many-Splendored Thing

The jazz-vocalist-turned-stylish-pop-singer has a new EP out 10/28.

23 cosas que se ven totalmente estrafalarias debajo de un microscopio

La sal de mesa parece una aterradora nave espacial. Fotos tomadas con un microscopio electrónico, a través de "ZEISS Microscopy".

28 Of The Most Delightfully British Facts Ever

Just how much tea do British people drink anyway?

Watch This Absolutely Brilliant Mash-Up Of David Cameron's Speeches

Cassetteboy's latest skewers the prime minister with a bit of help from Eminem.

15 Hilarious Highlights From A Decade Of "Modern Toss"

Forge & Co is hosting Modern Toss: A Decade in the Shithouse to celebrate 10 years of the irreverent cartoons. The exhibition will feature original drawings and artefacts from the Toss archive, showcasing the work of artists Jon Link and Mick Bunnage.

22 Secrets Sisters Who Are Best Friends Will Never Tell You

Share parents, share absolutely everything.

David Cameron Says He'll Cut Taxes And Wants You To Trust Him On The NHS

The prime minister chucked everything he had at wavering voters.

Halloween Isn't The Only Holiday In October

See how many of these obscure holidays you can celebrate!

Iraqi PM "Totally" Opposes Arab Nations' Involvement In Airstrikes In Iraq

Haider al-Abadi said he is against Arab states in the international coalition against ISIS joining airstrikes in the country.

7 vezes em que os brasileiros nos fizeram passar vergonha na Google Play

"Nao sei se e bom vou ver se for dou 5 estrelas"

Cette image résume parfaitement le réchauffement climatique

35.000 morses forcés à se reposer sur la terre ferme à cause de la fonte des glaces.

I Went To A Promotional Séance And It Was Bizarre

Because in Hollywood, sometimes people attempt to contact the dead to advertise a DVD.

The Geekiest Font Quiz You Will Ever Take

Designers, time to test your typeface knowledge.

28 Wonderful Things You Should Do Over This Long Weekend

Special recommendation: Rekindling your relationship with pizza.

Rape Victim-Blaming Needs To Stop And This Video Shows Why

Bikini, burka, sari -- no dress is a 'yes'.

A Princess Bride Fan's Guide To Etsy

If you search The Princess Bride on Etsy you can easily be overwhelmed by the amount of adorable/retro/cult crap, so I have condensed all of the cutest stuff into one place, you're welcome.

Fune es la cosa más dolorosamente tierna que alguna vez le haya ocurrido a Instagram

Fune es tu nuevo perro favorito de Instagram. Al menos, creo que es un perro.

Weather Reporter Scared Off-Screen By Massive Bee Attack

I for one welcome our new bee overlords.

13 Terrifying Potential "American Horror Story" Themes

After Murder House, Asylum, Coven and Freak Show, what could possibly be next? LET'S SEE.

David Cameron Just Attempted A Yorkshire Accent

He was channelling William Hague.

El planchado extremo es el deporte insensato que probablemente nunca conociste

Porque el planchado en tu casa es demasiado convencional.

29 idées de costumes de groupe pour Halloween

Parce que se déguiser à plusieurs, c'est beaucoup plus drôle.

13 Most Important Selfies Of The Conservative Party Conference

Queue up for your snap with David Cameron, Iain Duncan Smith, or Michael Gove.

This Broke And Jobless Man Found His Calling In Life When His Mother Sent Him Some Oil Paints

When he was down on his luck, Scott Laufer returned to his childhood passion. He spoke to BuzzFeed News about how he turned his life around.

You Can Buy A Lot Of Strange Things In The BBC TV Centre Auction

Auntie is saying goodbye to its famed Television Centre in Shepherd's Bush after 54 years, and you can bid on a whole heap of memorabilia – and a forklift truck – in an online auction.

25 personnes bourrées qui ont commis des crimes contre les pizzas

N'oubliez jamais : la pizza est un aliment sacré. Elle ne méritait pas ça.

This One Photo Perfectly Sums Up Why Climate Change Is Real

35,000 walrus forced to rest on shore after sea ice melts.

Someone Got An Erection On "Countdown"

Here we go again. This post contains swears.

29 Powerful Messages Of Support For Hong Kong's Pro-Democracy Protestors

Post-it protest covers the Hong Kong government office in Sydney.

Taylor Swift Performs Sweet Adele Duet With Leukaemia Patient During Hospital Visit

He told BuzzFeed News: "She is a great, kind person, and I will never forget her visit."


Big Bang or Big Burp? Regardless, here’s how to draw one!

15 Struggles For People Who Learn By Listening

Auditory learners have it hard.

The Definitive Ranking Of '90s Dolphins

What do Jim Carrey, Axl Rose, and your mom's ankle all have in common?

10 Of The Worst Reality Shows Ever Made

Reality TV expert Tom Ballard talks Orgasm Wars, Ex on the Beach, and other reality shows you'll want to hate watch.

13 Reasons Why "The Smurfs" Is Communist Propaganda

Workers of the world, unite! All you have to Smurf are your chains!

5 Biggest Struggles Of People With Thick, Curly Hair

Just don't make it angry and maybe it'll be good...

17 Signs You're Becoming Ariana Grande

After reading too many news stories and gossip blogs, in addition to hearing her hit songs around the clock and seeing her first SNL performance last weekend--You no longer know where Ariana ends and you begin. Here are some indications you might slowly be turning into the pint-sized pop star.

33 Creatures That Prove There Is A Glitch In The Matrix

Giant bugs, crabs, monsters. Stay indoors.

31 Awesome Scary Movies On Netflix Streaming -- One For Each Day In October!

October is the best month for scary movies and for those of us with someone else's Netflix password, there are plenty of options. Make sure to check out these 31 awesome scary movies to get you into the Halloween mood.

10 Reasons Why Kimmy Gibbler Is Your Spirit Animal

Because we all wish we could be DJ Tanner's trusty sidekick.

Why Comcast May Soon Launch An Online-Only Subscription Service

Moving its set-top boxes and DVRs to a cloud-based delivery system positions Comcast to eventually offer a streaming video package with a smaller bundle of networks both inside and outside of its markets.

10 Times Sterling Archer Proved He Is The Ultimate Asshole

He might be the world's greatest spy but he's also the world's biggest ass.

13 Thoughts That Go Through My Head When Picking A Halloween Costume

Here we are, once again, it's October. Pumpkin flavored everything is taking over the world and the Halloween mind set is setting in. These are just a few thoughts that go through my mind while choosing a costume.

Disney Princesses Ranked From Underrated To Overrated

Some Disney Princesses are praised a perfect amount, while there are some that are getting too much attention or not enough at all.

14 Things You Think After Having A Really Weird Dream

I was at work, but it looked like my old school and we were in a tree eating soap...

27 Reasons Troian Bellisario And Patrick J. Adams Should Be Your OTP

We can all ship #Spoby on Pretty Little Liars, but your real life OTP should be #TROIRICK.

This Supermarket Facebook Page Didn't Get That It Was Being Trolled

Wait, there's a difference between bread and toast?!

FCC Considering Whether To Ban Broadcasters From Using "Redskins"

The owner of the Washington Redskins has vowed not to change the NFL team's name, but action by the Federal Communications Commission could effectively ban it.

13 Things "Hocus Pocus" Taught Us About Having A Healthy Social Life

Hocus Pocus is not just an epically awesome Halloween flick. It is a profound guidebook for your life. Happy October!

24 signes que vous n'êtes pas vraiment à l'aise en société

Pour tous ceux qui paniquent dès qu'ils doivent passer un coup de fil.

The Three Tweets That Sum Up The Stupidity Of Australia's "Burqa Ban"

Australia's new Federal Police Commissioner says the burqa does not represent a security threat.

10 Touring Life Hacks From Nina Las Vegas

The Australian DJ tells us how she prepares for a busy tour schedule.

This Wedding Cake Lights Up With Disney Magic

Patented projection technology and white frosting are expected to live happily ever after.

How To Talk To A Person

Talking to things is easy, talking to people can be hard..

WWE Faces Backlash After Wrestler Pulls Down Russian Flag On Live TV

Long story short: It pissed off everyone in one way or another.

Humans Of Planet Earth

In August, the Humans of New York team began a 50 day trip around the world to photograph the people and share their stories. Here is just a small sample of the beauty our world...

18 Of The Most Awkward Bridesmaids Photos

It ain't easy being a bridesmaid.

30 Reasons Geena Davis Is The Role Model Every Young Girl Needs

"If she can see it, she can be it." - Geena Davis

Mayor Of L.A. Suburb Fatally Shot By Wife, Officials Say

Daniel Crespo, the mayor of Bell Gardens, died Tuesday after he was shot in what appears to be a domestic dispute, officials told the L.A. Times. His wife was taken into custody for questioning.

10 Covers We Wish Were On The Radio

For many people, YouTube has now replaced the radio and we are no exception. So here is our list of (underrated) covers that the rest of the world must listen to.