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25 Disney Pumpkins That Will Get You In The Halloween Spirit

They're almost too gourd to be true.

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1. This monster, who's got his pie on you.

2. The Disney princess with the most guts.

3. The Disney princesses who are so ready for the cooler weather.

4. A pumpkin you can't help but Fall for.

7. This villainous pumpkin that won't hesitate to squash you.

11. Sitting next to his devilish costar.

12. And performing his most iconic scene.

13. A pumpkin that was probably growing right next to a patch of deadly nightshade.

14. A pumpkin that's filled with bugs, in the best way possible.

15. This pretty nod to a Disney classic.

18. And Flounder, everyone's favorite fish, swimming solo.

19. Well, maybe everyone's second favorite fish.

21. The pumpkin that's full of pride.

22. The pumpkin that's always willing to lend a hand.

23. The pumpkin that's just a total quack.

24. The pumpkin that manages to be both big and Minnie.

25. And this simple, perfect tribute to the Mouse himself.