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19 Times Wednesday Addams Was A Total Misandrist

If there's a god, she's pleased.

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1. When she had her priorities straight. Real straight.

2. When she shared the secret to marital bliss.

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3. And refused to let gender stereotypes dictate her role within the home.

4. When she had zero damn time for the questions of men.

5. When she refused to say "please" to a man, because LOL.

6. That time she took the male gaze and squashed it to a bloody pulp.


7. The moment she refused to hear the mansplaining. She refused.

8. That time she stood before the patriarchy and danced the dance of defiance.

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9. When she caught some flowers at a wedding and didn't give a fuuuuuh.

10. The time she took the phallic blowtorch and reclaimed it for all womankind.

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11. When she valiantly tried to squash the seed of man.

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12. The time she hid her power with cuteness, in order to lure men into a false sense of security.

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13. When she refused to play the damsel in distress.

14. When she did not bow to the silly expectations of men.

15. And did her best to rally other glorious women to her cause.

16. The time she refused to let the male body infringe upon her superior female space.

17. And tried to warn Amanda that all men are the same, and she should not heed them.

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18. When she tried to free her fellow woman from the lying chains of mankind, and show her the glorious truth.

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19. And that time when she stood by, watching stoically as the patriarchy perished.

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