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Lines Of People Waited To Say Goodbye To Russian Human Rights Activist Lyudmila Alexeyeva

The 91-year old, who founded and co-chaired Russia's oldest human rights organization, passed away over the weekend.

Susie Armitage 11 months ago

38 Things Not To Do On Your Period, According To Superstition

"If you squeeze some lemon juice on your blood, you will die."

Susie Armitage 2 years ago

Here's What Parental Leave Is Like For LGBT Families

"I had people at work even tell me I didn't deserve to be tired because I wasn't his 'real' mom."

Susie Armitage 2 years ago

Here's The History Behind The Trumps, The Russian Pop Singer, And His Billionaire Father

Years of social media posts and business interests connect the Trump and the Agalarov families.

Ellie Hall 2 years ago

This Is What Period-Shaming Looks Like Around The World

"Pads will be wrapped in a newspaper when they're purchased."

Susie Armitage 2 years ago

8 Stories From Two-Dad Families On Their Experiences With Parental Leave

"It was the hardest time of our lives and you need each other, you need that time."

Sarah Karlan 2 years ago

LGBT Parents, Tell Us About Your Experiences With Parental Leave

Whether you're a new parent or just welcomed your fifth, adopted or created your family in any other way — we want to hear from you!

Sarah Karlan 2 years ago

Meet The 82-Year-Old App Developer Who Says Life Gets Better With Age

Masako Wakamiya started learning to code this year and has released her first app. What have you done?

Yui Kashima 2 years ago

21 First Period Traditions From Around The World

"My mom rinsed my underwear (literally just with water) and smeared it all over my face because she said it would prevent pimples in the future."

Susie Armitage 2 years ago

10 Things To Know About The First Indigenous Woman To Run For President Of Mexico

Maria de Jesús Patricio Martínez aims to be the sixth female candidate and the first indigenous woman to run for president of Mexico.

Rafael Cabrera 2 years ago

This New Report Shows How Bad Chechnya's Gay Crackdown Really Is

Chechen parliament speaker Magomed Daudov appears to have been a driving force behind the purge, Human Rights Watch says.

Susie Armitage 2 years ago
Takumi Harimaya 2 years ago

This Letter From A Boy Who's Blind Thanking Nintendo For His Favorite Game Will Leave You In Tears

"I cannot see with my eyes, but I have always wanted to play games, just like everybody else."

Takumi Harimaya 2 years ago

People Are Not Happy With This Diaper Ad Showing A Mom Doing Everything

The baby's dad appears in only four seconds of the video — and people are saying that's all too realistic when it comes to the division of parenting duties in Japan.

Akiko Kobayashi 2 years ago
Susie Armitage 2 years ago

Chechnya's Leader Says "We Have Never Had" Gay Men — Just Fake Chechens

Ramzan Kadyrov says he's willing to cooperate with Russian investigators looking into reports of LGBT torture but Chechnya "does not have this phenomenon called non-traditional sexual orientation."

Susie Armitage 2 years ago

An Attack Discolored His Face And Burned His Eyes. It Didn't Take Away His Sense Of Humor.

Even if he's allowed to run in Russia's 2018 presidential election, Aleksei Navalny stands almost zero chance — but that hasn't stopped him from campaigning.

Susie Armitage 2 years ago

A Soviet Monument Got A Rainbow Makeover And People Have Opinions

Ukraine's Friendship of Nations Arch got done up to highlight the theme of this year's Eurovision contest: "Celebrate Diversity."

Susie Armitage 2 years ago

When Is The Right Time To Start Buying Nice Furniture?

When you're single but old enough that most of your friends are settling down, furniture shopping is as emotionally fraught as retail can get.

Susie Armitage 2 years ago

23 Stories About Parental Leave In The United States

"I wore Depends and cried in the bathroom at work because I still had stitches."

Susie Armitage 2 years ago