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31 Pictures Of Baby Animals To Remind You The World Is Wonderful

We have a planet full of baby animals, so you should never be TOO sad.

1. This little guy helping his chick stop and smell the flowers.

2. This baby otter who has the most kissable paws on Earth.

3. This baby pig making the world a cuter place with each oink.

4. This baby cow getting groomed by his little human.

5. This shopping cart full of husky puppies (with a Chihuahua bonus).


7. This baby skunk who proves that skunks are totally underestimated in the cute department.

8. These ducklings playing with their new pig friend.

9. This flower crown kitten with the sweetest eyes in all the land.

10. This teeny, lovable little tortoise.

11. This baby hedgehog who is overloaded with cute in every aspect.

12. This baby goat snuggler.

13. This Maine coon kitten playing Play-Doh with her human.

14. This baby bunny with the teeniest, cutest little nose ever.

15. This little chinchilla fluffer.

16. This baby raccoon who is so cute that you might not mind having him in your trash can.

17. This baby rat sleeper.

18. This inspirational lamb.

19. This little squirrel who makes napping look like the most adorable thing ever.

20. This tiny fawn making friends with a ginormous Great Dane.

21. This orphaned joey meeting a teeny human baby.

22. Opie the baby donkey who likes to cause a big old ruckus in his human's office.

23. This baby fox who has the most magnificent ears in the world.

24. This baby sugar glider who is getting a piggyback ride from his mom.

25. This little baby frog hitching a ride from his friend.

26. This little opossum who befriended a fawn.

27. This foal snuggling up to her new human.

28. This baby bird who found a new home in a little girl's hair.

29. This chipmunk with the most AMAZING little feet.

30. This little groundhog who is taking adorable to the next level.

31. And finally, this laundry basket that contains the cutest snuggle session the world has ever seen.

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