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May 1, 2007

Avast! The man behind Fox is looking to own the Wall Street Journal.

Lucid Absinthe Superieure will be coming to America...and it's legal!

The NYT decides to go AWOL from the annual White House Correspondents dinner.

Christopher Hitchens charms panelists by referring to women as "humorless bitches" and Anna Nicole Smith as "that fat slut who died."

Billionaires are the new flavor of non-showbiz celebs.

Patrick Blanc's Vertical Gardens, a system of soil-free plant-covered walls, caught our eye.

May 1 marks the four-year anniversary of Bush's landing on an aircraft carrier and delivering his "We Did It!" speech.

NYC band makes endearingly wordy pop.

SADS - aka sudden arrhythmia death syndrome, aka long QT syndrome, aka bangungot - may be a heart deformity or the result too many carbohydrates, but it kills you just the same.

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