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May 10, 2007

Back To You

The first new show picked up for the fall TV season stars Kelsey Grammer as a sleazy news anchor.

3D Printing

Sure, you read about those $5K desktop 3D printers in the Times, but why not build your own 3D candy fabricator for much less?

Shrek Slims Down

McDonald's shrinks Shrek for its upcoming Happy Meal campaign, which promotes healthier choices for kids.


PRINCE'S NEW PERFUME comes out July 7!! It's also the name of his club and his new album.

Stepping Down

Tony Blair, the CEO of Jet Blue, Bob Barker of The Price Is Right: Stepping down is the new getting fired.

Pro-Choice Anti-Abortionists

Republican Presidential candidates are having trouble defending their abortion record.

Good Botox

Not just for wrinkled brows anymore, Botulinum toxin is being used to treat pain and stop sweating.

The E-Cigarette

A battery-powered nicotine inhaler designed to aid in quitting smoking.

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