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May 4, 2007

Cheap Designer Wedding Dresses

Isaac Mizrahi's launching a line of affordable wedding dresses for Target.


New Orleans' underground booty rap scene.

Dirty Sexy Money

Described as a cross between Dynasty and Six Feet Under, with yummy Peter Krause.

Intimate Game Controllers

A platform where game controllers are built into undergarments will debut at NYU's ITP spring 2007 show.

Conservative YouTube

Qube TV bills itself as the leading conservative social media site.

Isla Fisher

The blogs won't stop talking about her upcoming movies.

Mint Juleps

Tomorrow's the Kentucky Derby. Here's how to make the only thing you should be drinking.

Sea Monsters

A roundup of some weird-looking species that are being discovered in the sea, like the adorable Grimpoteuthis.

Stop Baroody

President Bush has nominated Michael Baroody (one of Corporate America's anti-consumer henchmen) to head the Consumer Products Safety Commission.

NBA Underdogs

The bottom-ranked Golden State Warriors beat the top-seed Dallas Mavericks by 25 points for the biggest upset in NBA playoffs history.

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