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May 16, 2007

Gordon Ramsay

British celebrity chef claims he eats horse meat and causes controversy with his "f*ck you" attitude.

Biblical Re-creations

Greenpeace activists are recreating Noah's ark on Mount Ararat to raise global warming awareness.

White MVPs

In each of the last three years, the most valuable player in the NBA has been white.

Treadmill Workstation

A vertical workstation comprised of a computer, a keyboard, and a treadmill was developed by the Mayo Clinic to fight obesity.

Lock Bumping

Simple physics and a special key make it simple to open almost any lock.


The pint-sized SmartCar is headed to the U.S., and all the car companies are jumping on the small-car bandwagon.


Octopi are the trendy new animals you'll see emblazoned on totebags and t-shirts.

The G-Shot

A non-surgical procedure where collagen gets injected into the "g-spot."

Spider Viagra

The venom of a South American spider causes long-lasting erections.

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