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May 24, 2007

The Guardian Food Blog

The U.K.'s Guardian newspaper and Observer magazine have launched a new foodie site, Word of Mouth.

Balls Of Fury

Just in time to ride the wave of ping pong hipster popularity, a kung-fu/sports flick mashup about the world of underground table tennis.

Boob Philanthropy

A social networking site called lets flat-chested girls find "benefactors" for their breast implants.

DIY Star Wars

Celebrate the Star Wars 30th anniversary by making your own Star Wars mash-up.

Natalie Gulbis

Meet the No. 31 seed on the LPGA tour.

Internet Umbrella

A Japanese umbrella lets you surf while it rains.

The Golden Compass

The movie that's purposefully being marketed as Lord of the Rings IV.

Tokyo Premieres

The new "Harry Potter" movie will debut in Tokyo next month.

T-shirt Subscriptions

A company called T-Post designs a t-shirt based on a current news item that you'll receive every six weeks.

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