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May 15, 2007

Video Games Turn 40

Happy birthday, video games! The first home video game ever debuted on May 15, 1967.

Tony Vs Tony

June 10 brings both the Tony Awards broadcast and the series finale of The Sopranos.


Jock-supporting swimwear that Ewan MacGregor purportedly buys by the truckload.

Jerry Falwell Finally Meets Jesus

Jerry Falwell joins Jesus in heaven. We'll miss his inimitable brand of self-worship.


High-speed badminton, played in the dark.

Criss Angel

Death-defying magician has a new book coming out, could also be dating Cameron Diaz.

Recycled PlayStation Chair

The Reee chair is made from recycled PlayStation 2 cases.

Harry Potter Spin-Offs

In anticipation of the final Harry Potter book, imitation authors are writing spin-offs to speculate an ending.

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