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May 3, 2007

Gagging Milbloggers

Revised Army regulations now require a commanding officer to sign off on every blog post a soldier makes.

Debating in French

The French presidential election climaxed with a heated debate last night.

Fat Pets

The American Journal of Veterinary Research says one third of all cats and dogs in the U.S. are fatties.

Pop-Up Stores

Smaller indie designers are using temporary storefronts for exposure.

Hijacking MySpace Profiles

The Barack Obama campaign hijacks the unofficial Barack Obama MySpace profile from its original creator, Joe Anthony.

Racist Referees

A new study shows white NBA refs are more likely to call fouls on black players than on their white teammates.


Modern yurts have style.


Amazing gelato chain from Italy is coming to New York this Saturday.

Self-Appointed Nicknames

Bush goes from "The Decider" to "The Commander Guy."

Salvia Divinorum

A potent plant known for its hallucinogenic properties is not yet illegal.

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