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May 30, 2007


Tonight in New York (or possibly tomorrow night), the sun lines up perfectly with Manhattan's east-west grid of streets.

Clark and Michael

For all you Arrested Development fans, this is Michael Cera's new web series.

Skim Milk Cows

A biotech firm is breeding cows to naturally produce skim milk.

Cat Bibs

Putting a bib on your cat will stop its predatory urges.

Japanese Beer For Kids

Foamy, sparkling brews for children.


Some high-powered businessmen (including Mark Cuban) are forming the United Football League - a direct challenger to the NFL.

Infrared Grills

The new BBQ technology - up to 900 degrees of cooking power!


The first U.S. rock magazine that was started in the 1960s has been revived in an online edition.

Grammar Nazis

People who are anal-retentive over grammar and habitually correct wrong usage.


A coffee-table computer from Microsoft.

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