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October 1, 2011

Catwoman's Mask Has Sinister Origins

While the Bat's away, the Cat will play. I have enough faith in Nolan believe this subversion of Catwoman's ears is true. Warning: Theoretical spoilers ahead!

11-Year Old RB Benched For Scoring Too Many Touchdowns

Did you ever have a moment in school where your teacher asked a question and you raised your hand, but you’d already answered too many questions that day, so she didn’t call on you and asked the class if anybody else knew the answer? Remember how t…

6 Signs Your Cougar Has Expired

Sure, it's hot to date an older woman, but at what point does she go from fine wine to moldy cheese? Here are the signs.

Meet Emmanuelle Alt’s ‘Mini Me’s’

While one could argue that American Vogue editors have a “look,” we’ve never seen any editors as similarly dressed as these three French Voguettes. Always chic editor-in-chief Emmanuelle Alt has become known for her laid-back rock & roll style. The …

Ryan Gosling Gave Eva Mendes A Gift Certificate To His Restaurant

Ryan Gosling, who most recently made psychopathy huggable in Drive, made headlines this week when he gave his special lady, Eva Mendes a gift certificate (because that’s the kind of thing In Touch reports on) to a restaurant he co-owns. Wait, what?

The Limited Will Launch Plus Size Line Eloquii On October 26th

Coming on October 26th: The Limited's new plus-size brand, called Eloquii—a new label targeting professional women between the ages of 25 and 34 who wear sizes 14W to 24W. WWD reports that the dresses will range in price from $89.90 to $148; the jac…

Hair Inspiration Gallery: Updos

Looking very much like Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast At Tiffany's, Jessica sweeps her hair into an elegant bouffant updo. Her loose front locks keep the style soft, while her honey highlights give the look luster and dimension.

Broke And The City: Cheap Nail Art

I’ve been a nail freak since childhood, so the nail-polish-is-the-new-lipstick trend sits well with me. Unfortunately, I lack the funds to try out the cool new stuff available (Chanel Peridot, gel manicures). However, I’m a sucker for anything borde…

Rick Perry "Chia Head" As Tall As Real Rick Perry

One would think the picture of a six-foot Rick Perry "chia pet" planter would be comment enough. No sir. The story behind the chia governor (yours for $4,500) is much, much better (worse?). From the eBay auction: The bust was initially used by D…

Europe Supports Palestinian Statehood

BRUSSELS, Sept. 29 (UPI) -- The right of Palestinians to advance in the international community as an independent state is "unquestionable," the European Parliament declared.

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