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October 10, 2011

High Fashion Pokemon

With gorgeous scans of fashion magazines and cleverly 'shopped Pokémon into them, after you see Pokémon and Fashion, you'll immediately see how obvious this marriage was. I mean, where else could you see Beyonce about to take a lick of an ice cream cone-looking Pokémon?

After A Breakup, Jeremy's Friend Put Him Back In The Game

Redditor ItsPrisonTime has a friend named Jeremy who went through a bad break up. ItsPrisonTime decided Jeremy needed to be back on the market. He made this. He won the Internet today. Jeremy? Well I don't think Jeremy knows.

Where Would The Characters Of Hey Arnold Be Now?

Artist Vondell Swain has put together a "where are they now" for football-head and friends. It's both amazingly drawn and well thought out.

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