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20 Times "Civilization V" Made You Act Uncivil

Dido? More like Di-don't even THINK about offering me 1 GPT for 3 horses!

Josh Fjelstad 3 years ago
Katie Notopoulos 3 years ago

Barack Obama Is A Margarita Man

It's been said Obama prefers beer, but I think he's really more of a margarita guy. Or at least, he looks like one.

Josh Fjelstad 4 years ago

What If Your Hometown Were In The Next MONOPOLY Game?

Let's get wild. Brought to you by MONOPOLY and BuzzFeed.

29 Reasons The West Coast Is The Best Coast

Fortunately, not everyone on the Oregon Trail died of dysentery. Brought to you by MONOPOLY and BuzzFeed.

Would You Rather: Los Angeles Vs. New York

Which metropolis is the bestropolis? Brought to you by MONOPOLY and BuzzFeed.

Could Your Favorite City Be In The Next MONOPOLY Game?

Your city could be the next Boardwalk. Hasbro and BuzzFeed have teamed up to let you vote on what cities make it into the newest version of MONOPOLY Here & Now.

The 50 Worst Things On The Internet In 2014

Let's toss this year in the garbage, light the can on fire, and put the ashes in a rocket to outer space. WARNING: This post is absolutely NSFW.

Ryan Broderick 4 years ago

20 Reasons "Mars Attacks!" And "Independence Day" Are The Same Movie

Their shared year of release is only the beginning.

Josh Fjelstad 4 years ago

What Type Of Chicken Tender Is Right For You?

Never judge a person until you know their taste in chicken.

Tanner Greenring 5 years ago

24 Signs Your Addiction To "Hearthstone" Has Become A Problem

Hi, my name is Josh... and I'm addicted to a card game you play online.

Josh Fjelstad 5 years ago

93 Things I Now Know After Binge-Watching "Orphan Black"

BBC America asked BuzzFeed Creative Manager Josh Fjelstad to do what everyone dreams of doing every day: watch an entire season of a show for work. Experience season one through his eyes, then see what comes next in season two, Saturdays at 9/8c on BBC America.

23 Convincing Reasons "Surprise, Bitch" Is Actually The Best Meme Of 2013

Surprise, bitch. I bet you thought you'd seen the last of this meme.

Josh Fjelstad 5 years ago
Alanna Okun 5 years ago

24 Reasons Everything Looks Better In 8-Bit

Ever since the emergence of 8-bit graphics in the '80s and early-90s, we've been fascinated by it. Today, there are hundreds of artists out there who use 8-bit illustration as their sole medium, but few are doing it as well as "Kevin," aka Noirlac on Tumblr.

Josh Fjelstad 6 years ago

Apparently People Instagramming Their Sims Is A Thing Now

Have tweens finally gone too far? There's an emerging subculture where people not only roleplay using Sims 3 University, but also Instagram their-Sim-selves doing it.

Josh Fjelstad 6 years ago

25 Things You Just Learned Today

What are you, some kind of plebeian? Allow me to help you out. Here are 25 more of the most fascinating "TIL" posts from Reddit in the past year. Memorize them before you even think about showing your stupid face on the internet again.

Josh Fjelstad 6 years ago

"The O.C." Drinking Game You've Been Waiting For

For half a decade, my friend and I have been drinking and watching The O.C. together. In honor of the show's ten-year anniversary, it's time you started doing the same.

Josh Fjelstad 6 years ago

How To Convince Your Parents To Let You Get An N64

When I went back home for Thanksgiving this year, my mom pulled out a letter I wrote to my dad back in 1999, because he wouldn't let me buy a Nintendo 64. They've said I should be a lawyer ever since.

Josh Fjelstad 6 years ago

It's Always Philosophical In Philadelphia

It might seem obvious now, but applying some of the darkest quotes from the most important thinkers and writers in human history to It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia scenes results in a perfect union of gif and Western Civilization. Naturally, you can thank Honey Boo Boo Child for inspiring this one.

Josh Fjelstad 7 years ago