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    20 Times "Civilization V" Made You Act Uncivil

    Dido? More like Di-don't even THINK about offering me 1 GPT for 3 horses!

    1. You were interested in a trade agreement with England and quickly realized it was a mistake.

    2. You've come across a scene like this and couldn't help but feel (sorta) bad for the AI.

    3. And you've seen an AI with a capital like this and definitely felt bad for 'em.

    4. You've had the perfect Petra city, only to get the dreaded "Petra has been built in a far away land."

    5. You have witnessed an intercontinental forward settle before.

    6. But you've also been known to forward settle from time to time.

    7. You've had the literal best start imaginable...

    8. ... and the literal worst, too.

    9. You've played as Spain and come across something as tragic as this...

    10. ...but also built something as glorious as this.

    11. You've told a civ to stop trying to convert your cities and they just:

    12. This image is more beautiful to you than the Mona Lisa:

    13. Speaking of art, you've noticed it in unexpected places.

    14. You've changed history by renaming a city... because like how could you not?

    15. You've gotten a great start until you realized it's not in a friendly neighborhood.

    16. You've had the accurate great person build his greatest achievement.

    17. You've tried to build a road to connect your capital to a city-state and then they just:

    18. Most importantly, you know how to take a moment to relax once in a while...

    19. ... and just take in all of this awesome game.

    20. Until Gandhi gets his hands on the atom bomb, that is.