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11 Animals That Are Secretly Jedi

The Force is strong with these creatures. But not all animals were created as powers for good.

1. This Monkey Using Force Lift

2. This Mouse Improvising A Jedi Mind Trick

3. These Squirrels Practicing Force Push

4. This Dog Using Levitate

5. This Crow Also Using Force Lift

6. This Lemur Meditating (Or Failing To Force Push Some Nails)

7. This Squirrel Meditating While Using Force Lift

8. Force Lift Is Super Popular You Guys But I Don't Think You're Supposed To Use It For Xmas Decorating

9. Or Playing Drunken Party Games

10. This Cat Caught Between Bouts Of...Force Lightning. Dammit.

11. This Cat Using...Force Choke On His Apprentice...Sigh

Moral Of The Story: Cats Are Sith