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Star Wars

Star Wars

Everyone's A Mix Of One "Star Wars" Character And One "Avengers" Character — Here's Yours

May the Force be with you ... and an Infinity Stone or two.

Can You Make The Kessel Run In Less Than 12 Parsecs?

"You've never heard of the Millennium Falcon?"

21 Times John Boyega Was The Cutest Human Being In The Entire Galaxy

Every time he steps on the red carpet we SWOON.

Which "Star Wars" Guy Should You Hook Up With?

Hopefully you won't end up with a stuck-up, half-witted, scruffy-looking nerf herder.

20 Details I Guarantee You Didn't Notice In "The Last Jedi" That Will Blow Your Mind

Turns out Holdo's not a natural lavender and Kylo's really into calligraphy.

"Star Wars" Has Created A Villain Too Real For Its Own Fantasy Universe

Kylo Ren is the greatest and most troubling part of The Last Jedi. Spoilers below.

Find Out Which "Star Wars" Creature You Should Have As A Pet

Get ready to meet your new companion!

What Percent Of The Newest "Star Wars" Characters Are You?

Find out how similar you are to the three newest Star Wars characters!

Are You More Sith Or Jedi?

Do you feel the pull to the light, or the pull to the dark?

A List Of "Star Wars" Characters Who Are Probably Gay

A long time ago in a gay-laxy far, far away...

21 "The Last Jedi" Spoilers With No Context That Are So Fucking Funny

There are spoilers in here, but there's no context.

These Are The Things In "Star Wars: The Last Jedi" That Some Fans Aren't Happy With

Star Wars: The Last Jedi is a bonafide box office success, but some fans aren't that excited about some of the movie's creative choices. Spoilers ahead!

21 Truly Epic Tweets About "The Last Jedi"

Just when my tears had dried.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt's Cameo In "The Last Jedi" Will Make You LOL

I find your lack of...recognition...disturbing.

There's A "Last Jedi" Easter Egg In "Rogue One" You Almost Certainly Missed

Warning: contains spoilers from a galaxy far, far away.

Which "The Last Jedi" Character Are You?

This is not going to go the way you think!

17 Things That Look Exactly Like Snoke From "The Last Jedi"

No spoilers! Feel free to read if you haven't seen The Last Jedi.

Literally Just A Few Of The Most Underrated Moments In "Star Wars" History

Because there's more than just "May the force be with you."

This Sentimental Detail In "The Last Jedi" Will Make You Say "OMG" And Then Cry

Never tell me the odds! Or...spoilers, in this case.



"Star Wars" Is The Force That Binds In My Family

Like the Skywalkers, we have a flair for the dramatic.

「スター・ウォーズはもっと女性に乗っ取られた方がいい」 伝説のジェダイが批判に反論

シリーズ最新作の公開を前にBuzzFeed Newsのインタビューに話した。

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