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17 Recipes That Will Make Star Wars Fans Say, "Get In My Bellah!"

Who wouldn't want to eat a Porg?

1. If you want to be "out of this galaxy" nice to your kids (or anyone else) you could make these pork, er, Porg chops.

2. You could also serve up some Porg Inari sushi.

3. Capture Han Solo in carbonite — which in this case is actually yummy jello!

4. Whip up some Chewbacca donuts, which are moist and delicious and anything but, ahem, chewy.

5. While we're on the subject of wookies, you can make these super-fun Wookie Cookies.

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6. I know, I know. These are probably hard to make. But come on! Star Wars macaroons!

7. This delectable Maz Kanata breakfast looks a lot easier to make.

8. And this storm trooper marshmallow looks REALLY easy to make.

9. Remember the blue Bantha milk young Luke drank on Tatooine? Well, you can make it (or at least something inspired by it).

10. Forget the kids...I want someone to make me this Star Wars breakfast.

11. Try making this bundt cake that looks almost exactly like the Sarlacc pit in Return of the Jedi.

12. Soba noodles, rice, and a few veggies can make this unforgettable Chewbacca lunch.

13. This BB-8 quesadilla doesn't look TOO hard to make — and should get a big reaction!

14. You can also make Ewok granola bars, lol.

15. These adorable tie fighters can be made with just crackers, cheese cubes, and cream cheese.

16. And then you can make a Star Wars-themed pizza, like this veggie-tastic one featuring Yoda (that has yet to be tossed into the oven).

17. And if the Yoda one looks too healthy for your kid's taste, you can try your hand at this Chewbacca pizza — all you need is bacon (lots of it), olives, and cheese.