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We Saw "The Last Jedi" And We Have QUESTIONS


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Hello. We're Crystal and Brian, and we're both huge NERDS! And one thing we love is to geek out over Star Wars. After we both saw The Last Jedi we were left with a FEW questions we want answers to., Crystal Ro / BuzzFeed


1. Who the fuck was Snoke, anyway?


In The Force Awakens, Snoke was a pretty mysterious character with no backstory. The Last Jedi didn't give us any more answers as to who he was. How is he so strong with the Force and how did he meet Ben Solo?

2. Is Snoke truly dead?


If he is so powerful, could he come back to life in some form?

3. What the heck is connecting Kylo Ren and Rey, then, after Snoke died?


Snoke explained that he was the one who infiltrated Kylo's mind and connected him to Rey. But after Snoke is killed, Kylo and Rey still have the connection.

4. Is Kylo Ren lying to Rey about who her parents were?


While it seems like a reasonable explanation that her parents were nobodies, it could also be Kylo playing mind games with Rey.

5. Why did Rey only see herself in the weird hall of mirrors/reflecting thing?


Could it be that Rey only sees herself because she has no parents and is a Force baby created to balance out Kylo Ren?

6. How long had Luke not talked to Yoda?


And did Yoda ever try to get Luke to continue training new Jedi after Kylo killed his students?

7. Did DJ survive after Snoke’s ship, the Supremacy, was destroyed by Vice Admiral Holdo?


And if he did survive will we see him again in a future movie?

8. Clearly Leia uses Jedi powers to survive the attack on the Raddus, but how does she know how to use the Force in that way?


Did Luke teach her how to harness the power of the Force? Did she have some sort of training post-Return of the Jedi?

9. And after she used the Force to get back into the ship nobody onboard seemed surprised. Had she used the Force in that way before?


Obviously, they know she is Force-sensitive. (Side note: Also, we're thinking that maybe there were plans to have this question answered in the next film.)

10. Where is Luke’s green lightsaber that he constructed after Empire?


Did he throw it away after almost killing Kylo or is it hidden somewhere? Did he get rid of it in a bid to truly walk away from being a Jedi?

11. And why, when he Force-projected himself, did he choose to be seen with his blue lightsaber (which at that point was broken by Rey and Kylo anyway)?


Did he want to taunt Kylo by showing him Anakin's lightsaber?

12. Where the hell are the Knights of Ren?


We haven't heard anything about them being killed off. Also, like Snoke, we got no more backstory about them. Are they waiting for Snoke and Kylo to call them back?

13. Is Finn over Rey and into Rose now?


The two seem to have great chemistry.

14. Why was Vice Admiral Holdo's escape plan kept secret from almost everyone? Wouldn’t it have been easier to just let Poe know the plan?


She could've told them when the mutiny was happening.

15. What is this “camera” that Maz is using that tracks/follows her as she’s running around dealing with union disputes while talking to Poe/Finn/Rose?


Also, why did she not just tell them the name of the code-breaker? Clearly she knew him (since she implied they had sex).

16. Is Ben Solo/Kylo Ren really savable at this point? Or does he have to die?


Now that he is supreme leader, is he totally evil?

17. I think it is safe to assume that Luke will be a Force ghost, and obviously Rey will see him. But will he also appear to Ben/Kylo as he said he would?


And will Rey be able to see Yoda, since she heard his and Obi-Wan's voices before in The Force Awakens?

18. Will Rey start training a new generation of Jedi between this film and the next?


Clearly it's implied in the movie that there are lots of Force-sensitive kids/people in the universe.

19. And finally, will the next movie, Episode IX, take place several years later?


The movie did leave off with the Resistance being all but destroyed. So it would take several years for the Resistance to rebuild and be able take on the First Order again. Also, that could be a way to address Carrie Fisher's death.

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